Tuesday 14 May 2013

Dreimäderlhaus at Mölkerbastei
Beethoven lived next Door

"House of the Three Girls"
Mölkersteig 1

Easy Riders
With a Vespa
in front of
Ludwig Reiter's shoe store
Mölkersteig 1

View of the façade on
Schreyvogelgasse 10

Dreimäderlhaus and its neighbours
were built on remnants of
Vienna's Old City Wall

Beethoven lived two doors down,
in the Pasqualati House,
which towers over the
rather small Dreimäderlhaus

Mölker Bastei
The Dreimäderlhaus in the center,
the Pasqualatihaus behind it.
On the left, on the other side of the Ringstrasse,
the University of Vienna

Photographed 22 May 2010
Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. I adore Classical music and seeing where one of the best once lived is such a treat. Thank you for sharing these wonderful images~

  2. You are really tugging at my heartstrings now! Thank you for sharing this! Someday, I will visit in person!

  3. Anonymous24 May, 2010

    I love the architecture! Good architecture is like a well decorated cake, beautiful!

  4. The title of your post is one of those captions that makes you stop to catch your breath back. Beethoven, one of my favourite composers ever. He lived there. And you also were there. Many, many thanks for those pictures. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  5. There's a great exhibit on Beethoven in the Vienna House of Music, it shows all the places he lived in Vienna - I think almost 40 - according to the exhibit he was not the best tenant. I am looking forward to more beautiful photos from you on his other homes! Here's a link to the Haus der Musik: http://www.hausdermusik.com/en/sound-museum/third-floor/35.htm

  6. Thank you all for your kind comments!

    I wished I had more time right now to go and take more pictures for you! I discovered this particular corner of Vienna right after I moved here, and it has become one of my favorite places to visit. Every time I walk up there, I feel taken back in time, reflecting on those who walked there before me (including Napoleon's troops, who shot cannon balls into the houses up there, forcing Beethoven to seek refuge at a friend's home in the center of town, away from the city wall).

    Another Beethoven residence here in Vienna is Heiligenstadt, where Beethoven wrote what is commonly called the "Heiligenstädter Testament" - located at the outskirts of town, in the vineyard hills of the 19th District.

    Beethoven lovers can visit small museums, recreated musicians apartments, at the Mölker Bastei and at Heiligenstadt, curated by the City of Vienna. For more information about musicians' residences visit http://www.wienmuseum.at/en/locations/more-musicians-apartments.html

    There are various images of both Mölker Bastei and Heiligenstadt scattered throughout my blog, the labels Beethoven, Heiligenstadt, Pfarrwirt, may help you find them (I am sorry that my blog is not more organized - wished I had the time! Right now I am playing hooky, i.e. writing here and ignoring the need to study, so I better keep it short!)

    A wonderful week to all of you,

  7. Interesting!Why it is named the house of three girls?

  8. Kurwenal24 May, 2010

    One tale about the naming of the house is here:


    Another is here :

    Whatever the real reason, I agree with Merisi that is a charming and wonderfully historic area of Vienna. Try to imagine that Ludwig had a high up apartment,looking out over the city walls into open country.Franz however,had a small room in a crowded apartment shared with relations, actually outside the city walls. Franz did know Ludwig and did visit,but I am not sure if it was to the Molkerbastei Haus.

    A lovely photo essay, thanks!!!

  9. This is yet another reason why I MUST visit Vienna. I love that I'll be walking down the street and suddenly see a building like that.

  10. I've been seeing a lot of scooters over here lately. It seems to be spreading from Europe

  11. Merisi... I had always thought this was a Schubert house, not associated with Beethoven. Are you sure?

  12. Gavin,
    you are right about the Dreimäderlhaus!

    While I did try to point out that Beethoven did not live in the Dreimäderlhaus, but in the Pasqualati House, "two door down" (I should have written "up"), I can see how my choice of title was a bit misleading. With "Up here" I was referring to the Mölker Bastei, specifically the assembly of buildings on top of that part of the old city wall. I should try not to be too tongue-in-cheek about historical facts!

    Thank you for pointing this impreciseness out!

    Regarding Schubert, as far as I know is the libretto of Heinrich Berté's "Dreimäderlhaus" entirely fictional and Schubert never lived in the house at Mölker Bastei. I'd love to hear more about that, if you would be willing to take the time, please!

    Thank you and a wonderful evening to you and all who meet here (under the blog heading, if not by the fountain under a Lindenbaum!


  13. I googled, and found an English language entry at Wikipedia:
    Das Dreimäderlhaus (Lilac Time)

    And here are some of my previous posts that show the Pasqualati House:

    A Snowy Day in Beethoven's Neighborhood
    The University of Vienna
    Morning in the City

    I'd have bet there were more, but that's all Blogger is giving me!

    Last not least, I actually walked up Mölker Bastei late this afternoon and took a few more pictures. Will post soon. Right now, I need to get back to my papers and study. ;-)

  14. Is it his B'day AGAIN!
    How time does fly...when yr having fun :)
    Does look very lovely indeed

  15. Paris Breakfast:
    Carol, Beethoven's birthday is in December!
    I know that because our neighbour Maria Fisher was the founder of the Beethoven Society of America, and she always held a Beethoven Tea in December in his honour. I miss her.

  16. The Dreimaderlhaus is like a perfect little confection -- just adorable!

  17. What a beautiful city. The buildings are lovely and it all looks so pristine. I just imagine music resounding from all corners. I did myself an injustice, in all my European travels, by not getting to Austria, especially since I lived in Salzburg as a child ( my brother was even born there! ).

  18. Next door or upstairs from a young boy in a wonderful story and music introduction CD by a Canadian author Barbara Nichol, "Bethoven Lives Upstairs".



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