Friday 26 April 2013

Viennese Dogs and Schanigartens
Springtime in Vienna

Early Morning Annagasse

This lovely dog came along so suddenly,
I barely managed to capture a picture

Another sweet dog,
at Hafnersteig,
the other end of town

Early morning scene,
outdoors, in the shade,
chairs thoughtfully lined with sheepskin
to take away the chill
Café Diglas Schanigarten

Viennese Dogs
are trained to visit coffee houses
and know how to behave properly
Café Aida Schanigarten
next to St. Stephen's Square

Just like the dogs yesterday,
after a late spring, summer's sneaked up on us,
in the mid 80s in these last days of April -
I won't complain

Photographed 25 April 2013
Images and Text © by Merisi

Link: -> Schanigarten at Wikipedia:
Viennese for tables set up on the sidewalk in front of a coffeehouse


  1. it's like a town for dogs! love the sheepskin seats and the pink building and chairs!

  2. Years ago my mother returned from a trip to Germany, deeply impressed by the polite little long-haired dachshunds that waited patiently under restaurant tables.

  3. Merisi, I do like the look of those sweet, and well behaved Viennese dogs. How does one train a dog to sit quietly beside a cafe table, when that table holds a plate of delicious pastry? Do the cafes allow the dogs to place their own individual orders? xo

  4. Oh, mein Urlaub kann kommen!!! :))

  5. I love those happy doggies!! What fun! It does look as though you had such a beautiful day!! Wonderful captures for the day, Merisi, as always! Hope you have a lovely weekend!!

  6. Cafes with pink hues and sheepskin lined chairs? My kind of cafe la scene.

    A lovely weekend to you, Merisi.

  7. Sheep skinned lined chairs? I love it.

  8. Vienna without coffee, cafes and dogs is like Paris without the Eiffel Tower

  9. Love the pups! Do come on over to my blog - I'm building a PARTY BUNKER and I need your vote on which design to choose. You also have to volunteer to bring virtual delicious items. COME ONE COME ALL!!

  10. How I'd love to sit outside the Cafe Diglas, in the sunshine, watching the world stroll or bustle by.

  11. Awwww...a doggie post!
    I'm catching the next train, plane or even walking to Vienna!
    Why didn't you say before...these are REALLY cute!

  12. Where is Maxie these days? ? ?
    He coudl be a BIG drawing card...

  13. Ahh, I want to be right there, take in the sights, the sound, the aromas of these beautiful my dreams, but you make it closer~

  14. würde so gerne rüber kommen und mit Euch allen einen kleinen Braunen trinken

  15. . würde so gerne rüber kommen und mit Euch allen einen kleinen Braunen trinken


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