Monday 1 April 2013

Es ist eine schöne Welt
Easter Monday Morning in Vienna

Easter Monday Morning
rose bright and lovely

© by Merisi

-> Ging heut Morgen übers Feld
Starts at 4:00" - sung by Frederica von Stade, my favourite interpreter of Mahler's "Songs of a Wayfarer"


  1. Es ist eine schöne Welt - It is a lovely world
    quoted from Mahler's "Songs of a Wayfarer"

    "Ging heut Morgen übers Feld"
    I went this morning over the field,
    Dew still hung on the grass;
    The happy finch spoke to me:
    "Hey you! Right? Good morning!
    Hey, right, you,
    Isn't it a lovely world, lovely world?
    Chirp! Chirp! Pretty and bright!
    How the world pleases me!"
    The bluebells in the field also
    Ring happily and cheerfully for me
    With their little bells, ring-a-ring, ring-a-ring,
    Their morning greetings ring out:
    "Isn't it a lovely world, lovely world?!
    Ring, ring! Ring, ring! Pretty thing!
    How the world pleases me! Heiah!"
    And then in the sunshine
    The world began to shimmer,
    Everything, everything, took on
    Tones and colours in the sunshine!
    Flowers and birds, big and small!
    "Good day! Good day!
    Isn't it a lovely world?
    Hey, you! Right! Hey, you! Right!
    Lovely world!"

    Translation by J.C. Lozos

  2. Marvellous tulip !!!
    Thank for this musical excerpt !!!
    Easter or spring ???
    Lovely world!!!

  3. Love the blog, and of course, Mahler. Happy Easter.

  4. Thank you, all of you! xxx

  5. Trust you had a lovely Easter, Merisi.

  6. Very pretty.



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