Tuesday 2 April 2013

Coffee Dreaming
Some Mornings are like this

Some Mornings
find you like this:
Looking at the world through a window,
Pretending to meditate
While losing yourself

In the depth of
Your Caffè Macchiato cup
At a small neighborhood cafè,

When all of a sudden,
The morning begins to move and
The world rolls by
On wheels

Leaving you behind,
With only the clank
Of the streetcar
Still in the air.

Images and Text © Merisi
Photographed at and near
Naber Kaffee
Wiedner Hauptstrasse 40
4th District (Wieden)
First published 6 April 2008


  1. You picked some excellent dreams . . .

  2. Here is a caption I would put under each of your photos....
    You have a way of making us plebeians wanna be there!

  3. That cup of coffee looks as if it wants me to reach into the picture and remove it from the table upon which it sits...am I correct in that it wants to be drunk...by me? Lovely pictures again...if I ever see a picture that is of poor quality in subject matter and conformation I shall know you have been kidnapped and are being held for ransom...I see in my pocket I have the grand total of $22.99 if that will help to get you released, I releast it to you gladly. (They've been trying to put me away for simply ages...I simply refuse to go.)

  4. @ Tut:
    Thank you! :-)

    @ cipriano:
    Mission accomplished. ;-)

    @ sandi mcbride:
    Oh Sandi, you are one sweet coffee loving ransom paying lady! ;-)
    (Beware please that any irregularities on my part may be caused by caffein-deprivation!)

  5. I just had a coffee a bit like that, with some Bakewell Tart and a banana. Should have got the camera out, sadly too late now, all gone.

  6. Thank you for the various dreams. Th idea of a quiet cup of coffee sounds enticing after two weeks of travel with two little ones.

  7. Nice way to start the day, the week here...with a cup of coffee! Happy Days, Merisi ((HUGS))

  8. Gruss Gott M,
    love your photos of the 4th District. Used to stay in the hotel there, The Archduke Rainer, very nice and great location. Also, loved your photo of the Florist in the Josefstad. Upside Chirstmas tree! Wow, must go there when I am in Wien at the end of april.
    all the best

  9. THAT is an amazing graphic!!!!!!!!

  10. @ Andre Veloux:
    Next time you know what you oughta do, I am looking forward to see your Anglo-French angle! ;-)

    @ Hexe:
    You are welcome!
    I hope you manage to pack those two rascals off to school and steal yourself a quiet hour with a cup of coffee. :-)

  11. @ Travy:
    May you week be full of moments like this! ;-)

    @ Susanvon:
    I walked right by Rainer's. ;-)
    You will love the Doll flower shop,
    one of the very best places to get flowers! I passed by there again this morning and had to stop and admire the show.

    @ Seamus:
    It's IKEA. It is an amazing sight, especially the first time you notice that wordrobe rolling by. I hope a manage to fetch one of those streetcars before the take it off.

  12. Amazing street car!!! :-)


  13. Thanks for that. The tram was a pleasant optical illusion.

  14. Love the post and the side trips. You certainly have a way of drawing me in. I so wish I could visit Vienna!

  15. @ Smilnsigh:
    It really confused my senses for a moment! :-)

    @ Sandycarlson:
    I love it. It is a special trolley line, running from the Vienna Opera all the way to the small city of Baden bei Wien (a place Beethoven liked to stay during summers), a 45 minutes ride.

    @ Vickie:
    I am glad you are enjoying the virtual trip and who knows, one day a real trip to Vienna may materialize!

  16. Dreamlike, almost cinematic, I love this post.

  17. That's a great photo of the tram. I've had my thé menthe already this morning so I can't be tempted by the coffee!

    I will be taking my camera and taking some bike ride snaps very soon!!!

  18. Gruss Gott M:
    looking forward to going to this florist and buying some lovely flowers for my Viennse friend, Vaness and her family.
    Would I just take the J Tram to find it?

  19. @ A Kite Rises:
    Thank you,
    it felt almost like a halluzination. ;-)

    @ Susanvon:
    You could walk from City Hall up Jpsefstädter Strasse and make a right turn into Lange Gasse. Doll's opposite Schönborn Park, just before Laudongasse, I am sure you will find some gorgeous flower arrangement for your friends there.

  20. Everything has such a warm coffee scented heavenly feel...siiigh'...

    lovely lovely place...

  21. 2 April 2013:
    Snow forecast for tonight and tomorrow.
    I simply had to repost. Better than another weather lament. I think. ;-)

    Wishing you the most beautiful spring day, wherever you are,
    a great autumn day, too,

  22. Ha, ha. The city airing their laundry ;-).
    Merisi, we are also in the middle of winter. Sending you supporting hugs from one snowed in girl to another.

    1. Honestly, I feel as if lost in despair. I am a creature of the south. Waiting so long for spring becomes almost unbearable.

      Well, thinking of the poor birds already back from up north, now freezing and starving, or the poor who have a hard time paying the higher heating bills, puts everything in perspective. Compared to that my lament is ridiculous.

  23. I would like to lose myself in a cup of coffee...I tried the pool this morning but a cup is more accessible...

    1. Anything, I am ready to get lost in anything, as long as if a warm ray of sun is included. ;-)

  24. Looks like a great place to enjoy a great cup of coffee and start the day -- even with the arrival of the street car!! Great captures as always, Merisi! Hope your week is going well!

    1. Thank you, Sylvia, I hope spring has sprung in your parts! x


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