Monday, 12 November 2012

Mail Delivery in the Viennese 'hoods
Snail Mail for you!

Mailbox at Gloriettegasse
Snail mail, what else?

Mail and the Maiden
Waiting for mail
in Schönbrunn Park

Modern-day Christl von der Post
Still delivering right to your door
with the help of a little friend

Fiaker in Schönbrunn Park
On the road, er, cell phone,
er, both - interesting, isn't it?
Who knows, maybe this is Vienna's version
of the Pony Express and those gentlemen
are arranging deliveries!

A knock on the door:
Quick, mail's here!

And here is a close-up
of the dog guarding your mail

Photographed in the 13th District
Images and Text © by Merisi

-> David Lebovitz's mail tales from the Parisian 'hoods
-> Lucia Popp singing "Ich bin die Christl von der Post


  1. What a cute puppy. We get our mail by truck!

  2. Fierce looking guard!! I love it! Have a great week, Merisi!!

  3. {{ i popped in here
    for a quick little beauty break,
    a quick little life~is~lovely~in~Vienna break...

    your days so different from my own,
    i savor the sweet contrast }}

  4. I actually wish I still received snail mail. All I get in the mail is bills and adverts these days :(

  5. I love that the box and bag are yellow-colored!

  6. I agree with Paz. Love the bright yellow color!


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