Tuesday 13 November 2012

Prince Eugene's Belvedere Gardens
A Joy to behold in any Season

On Top
of the Upper Cascade
of Prince Eugene's Belvedere Gardens

The Sphynx
You are looking at a symbol
of strength and intellegence,
the Upper Belvedere Palace in the background,
and, to the right, the Upper Cascade

The Lower Belvedere
Beyond the trees, at the bottom of the garden,
the Lower Belvedere Palace, beyond,
the city of Vienna

Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. Wow, something on that Sphinx really jumps right out at you. :)

  2. Great shots for the day, Merisi, and I'm still giggling at Charles's comment!!

    1. *grin*
      Remember the scandal when Madonna performed in Jean Paul Gaultier's outfits during her "Blonde Ambition" tour? Quite Sphynx-like, I dare say. So quaintly old-fashioned, come to think of it, dating back to the Old Egyptians. ;-)

  3. I miss this place so much! Such beautiful photos. Thank you for the escape!

  4. where we live is called the Belvedere Estate!

  5. What a beautiful palace and grounds! Very interesting sculptures, too! Is that a man wrestling an alligator? Or maybe a dragon? My eyes aren't what they used to be! xx

    1. Karen, did you click on the picture? The file is quite large.
      Must be some mythical creature, like the sphynx, I suppose. Has something of an armadillo-aligator, the legs still have those toddler fat folds. ;-)


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