Thursday 18 October 2012

Autumn in Vienna
A Walk through Volksgarten

Café Meierei

I have yet to find a square mile in Vienna
without a coffee house. One could get
the impression that every time you wish
for coffee - at the slightest onset of desire -
the Viennese Coffee Fairy plants a coffee house
right in front of you.

Theseus Temple

You see no coffee house sign?
Well, the temple is undergoing renovations,
Theseus has been moved to a museum,
what would seem more natural
than opening a coffee house there?
Just send a signed petition
to City Hall!

Fernkorn Fountain
Rose Garden - Volksgarten

No coffee house?
No need to panic:
Café Landtmann is less than five minutes away,
Café Meierei just across the rose beds!

Purple Heather
Empress Elisabeth Memorial Garden

Did you know that Empress Sisi
had coffee for breakfast?
In the imperial palace, of course,
but who knows, she might just have
sneaked out and into Demel's,
indulging in a cup of Viennese melange
in the afternoon!

Images and text © by Merisi
R e p o s t


  1. That's it! My all-time favorite photo of the Volksgarten fountain. Spectacular! Thanks for reposting it!!!

  2. I'd love that fountain and the urns in my garden. ♥

  3. Gorgeous scenes and I adore the lovely Heather~

  4. I know Vienna is renowned for it's coffee but wondering if tearooms are popular there these days too?

    1. I am aware of only one tearoom, Barbara.
      So far I have not made it there, one day I will, thinking of you. ;)

  5. Already autumn?
    No need to panic??
    We must see Vienna in autumn!

  6. Very beauteous!
    I expected to see the Temple of Coffee!!

  7. Lovely...I would love to meet this Coffee Fairy!

  8. I LOVE this image…perfect.


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