Friday 19 October 2012

Merisi goes America
Autumn in Washington, DC

Trees all over Washington, DC
have begun to show their autumn finery

all over town.
These are images

from Capitol Hill's 7th St SE
out to North Capital Street NW

© by Merisi

Eastern Market, 7th St SE, Washington DC

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  1. I'm so happy to know you are in Washington! It is my 1st city & I've never stopped loving it! I am liking seeing it through your eyes!

  2. Beautiful autumn captures in an interesting city! Welcome to the US, Merisi! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Your pictures are beautiful!

  4. Lovely North American fall. Please wave to Canada for me. Thank you.

  5. Beautiful Autumn colours! Love the photos.

    Regards from Barcelona.

  6. Merisi, it's lovely to see that you are on this side of the Atlantic. Is there any chance that you'll be venturing a bit more north up the eastern coast?


  7. Are you coming to New York?
    Oh you must! I would love to meet you in person!

  8. Welcome to America, Merisi! I hope your stay is as lovely as your pictures. I look forward to seeing more.

  9. Beautiful autumn colors, Merisi!
    Sounds a very nice trip.

  10. Heisann!

    I was in Washington the week before!!!!! Had a wonderful stay. We spent some days in NY before we left for the capital.
    Enjoy seeing your pictures ;:OD)

  11. Yes the fall colors. You caught them well, including some blue-gray skies. That is really it.

    A trip to America : this must be a change of diet from Wien !

  12. So pretty! I would have met you for a coffee had I known you were in town. Love your photography, love Vienna.

  13. Hello Dear Merisi!
    I've just seen that you got to go back to DC for a visit! Even seeing the rooftops in your first picture made me so homesick for Dupont Circle. I am so excited for you! I'm hoping you were in some well-protected place for The Superstorm!!! Here in Western Maine, we had lots of wind and lots of rain, but we made out just fine. Very, very lucky!

    Wishing you well,



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