Wednesday 8 August 2012

Das Boot on the Roof
Or: Nothing wrong with this Picture

The Boat
Sculpture by Erwin Wurm
Hotel Daniel, a five minutes walk
from the south gate of the Upper Belvedere
Landstrasser Gürtel
3rd District

--> Boat meets Daniel
--> Homepage of Erwin Wurm
Image and Text © by Merisi


  1. It looks like the boat is going over a waterfall.

  2. That boat looks 'at home' against the blue sky.

  3. Das boot got washed up with a (very) high tide?
    Great picture!

  4. For a moment I thought there must have been a heckuva wind blowing there.

  5. Merisi, what a great slant you've give this view. The color of the sky is also remarkable.

    Is this roof often used for exhibits, or did you just happen to look up and look again?


    1. Frances,
      I noticed the boat (Das Boot) some time ago (I quite frequently pass that stretch of road), and immediately thought of Erwin Wurm, who, it turned out, actually created this work for the Hotel Daniel. It is my understanding that it is going to stay there. I have not heard of any other artwork going up there. I'll keep an eye on that roofline! ;-)

      It took me several visits to the area until I found a way to photograph the boat in a way that I liked. And that slight whisper of a cloud was just perfect, I thought.

  6. Das Boot has just given me a very welcome midday laugh :) !

  7. So unusual and unexpected! Great shot! xx

  8. Thank you all for your kind comments!
    Art in public locations is always uplifting, and this one takes that to even greater heights.

    If you have not already, follow the links. Erin Wurm is an outstanding artist. I always rejoice when I manage to see yet another work created by him.

  9. You have chosen a very good angle!

  10. Interesting to just look up and find the boat there.


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