Friday 10 August 2012

August Bliss
Summer in the City

An angel
watching over me

a glass of "Summer Spritzer"
sparkling in the dappled shade

birds singing
in the trees

a fountain ever in motion,
blithesome and cheery

wrapping up
a summer meal


"ever in motion,
blithesome and cheery"
Quoted from the poem
"The Fountain"
by James Russell Lowell

Photographed 11 August 2011 in the 13th District
Images and own text © by Merisi


  1. August is such a funny month. The city farmers market are bountiful, the Park is full of mature deep greenery, thunderstorms are waiting in the wings every evening, the shops are full of anticipatory autumn clothes.

    I hope that we will have just a little break from this hot and humid. Not everyone gets a chance to go to the cooler beach air in August.

    Merisi...the wine glass contains a wonderful image. xo

  2. This looks like a perfect place to spend a summer afternoon. Love the reflections in the wine glass. xx

  3. An oasis in the city. Love the photo with the wine glass. Have a wonderful weekend, Merisi.

  4. Lovely...I have a similar angel outside my window, in my garden, and I love that~

  5. These photos make me feel like slipping into a sundress and lazing about with a large floppy hat on...

  6. Ahhh...reflections in a glass blissfully...

  7. What lovely, calming images. Between the angles watching, birds singing, wine waiting and fountain fountaining, you've found a spot surely close to heaven.

  8. A glass of summer 'beer' would be good right now. :)

  9. Windy, cold Saturday afternoon south of Sydney, Australia . . . would not mind that angel having a far look towards these climes and am having that glass of white wine just after lunch: you paint a summer picture to look forward to . . .

  10. The wine glass.
    I mean seriously.
    Only YOU could do this.
    Truly --

  11. Looks an enticing place to eat.

  12. I love that first picture. And the wineglass. But had to smile at the niches -- that's the color I painted the interiors of my kitchen cabinets.


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