Monday 9 July 2012

Naschmarkt Farmers Market
A Viennese Shopping Experience

Sour Cherries and Sweet Temptation
A contradictio in adiecto only
if you have not yet tasted those cherries!
Not my hand

Season's Harbinger
Midsummer and lavender is coming
to the market by the bushelful
Waitress in Dirndl
Ready to serve you -
first to the market, though!
Flowers and Vegetables
Most Viennese bring their own bags
and many market shoppers would not leave
without a fresh bouquet of flowers
Stars under Stripes
Zucchini squash has the starring role
on midsummer Saturdays -
I cooked a zucchini-basil-buttermilk soup
from the yellow and green round ones,
without turning on the stove
Customers Anonymous
Privacy screen to make sure
the customers can select their favorite herbs
without being outed on Facebook the next morning -
just kidding, the sheets are hung to keep the sun off the herbs
Buying Herbs in the Shade
Coriander, Lemon and Cinnamon Basil.
a large bunch each, altogether €2.10
Artisan Bread and Apricot Pizza
Yours truly walked away with a nicely wrapped
slice of that delicious apricot pizza -
yes, thin layer pizza dough, covered generously
with apricot halves and topped with crumble,
sweet indulgence fit for Marie Antoinette!
Apricot Tree
On my way home,
I passed this apricot tree -
the fruits high enough to
have a view of Klimt's last studio,
little more than a stone's throw away  

Photographed Saturday Morning Farmers Market
at Vienna's great outdoor market, the Naschmarkt,
and in Hietzing, the 13th District
Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. I have to come to Vienna very soon , I think, your blog is so enticing :-)

    1. *smile*
      Right now would be a very good time: the relentless heatwave of the last two weeks has mellowed into gorgeous midsummer weather, including nights cool enough to sleep well.

  2. I love Farmers Markets and we do have some great ones here in Washington, too! This one looks terrific! Great captures! Had to laugh about being outed on Facebook!! We have that problem as well! Hope you have a great week, Merisi!


    1. Farmers markets are the jewels in the crown of any city priding itself of being a place that's inviting enough to live in, aren't they? And my heart with pleasure fills, to quote Wordsworth, a the mere thought of going back and being able to buy and take home what has been grown around Vienna (which, like Rome, is situated in the midst of fertile soils and blessed by a southern climate hospitable to any fruit or vegetable imaginable).

  3. Wonderful views of food, flowers, and people. Lol on the "privacy" screen. Luscious apricots by Klimt's place. We have an apricots on the tree near the complex pool. They are not cultivated but are much better than anything from the store. Seems that this year (except for the farmers market and Costco) the fruit has been completely tasteless. Also, went to see a Klimt drawing exhibit at the Getty Center. I especially liked the drawings for the Beethoven murals, of which they had a replica on display. No photos allowed though.

    1. Tash,
      there are more fuit trees in my neighborhood than one I ever imagines, this being a residential neighborhood. Even along the train tracks, small orchards tended lovingly.
      Would you know anything about the reasons that the apricots in your region have been tasteless this year?
      Could it be that we saw the same exhibition, Gustav Klimt / Josef Hoffmann
      Pioneers of Modernism - from Oct 25, 2011 until Mar 4, 2012
      , curated by Alfred Weidinger? Could well have traveled onwards from the Belvedere!

  4. Apricot pizza, are you kidding me, sounds scrumptious, and the market scenes so welcoming and the lavender, my favorite flower, fragrance, and tea,,,have I told you this before;) have a marvelous week Merisi~

  5. Oh, Merisi, what a fabulous post and a fabulous market. Everything looks so luscious and heavenly from herbs to produce to the wonderful breads. Your photographs are superb.

  6. I love Farmers Markets! All looks so fresh and beautiful!

  7. Privacy screen - you are too funny!
    Would love to try your zucchini soup Merisi!
    Thanks for the tour of the market, the colors are fabulous...

  8. The Farmer's Market just makes me want to go shopping.
    What color and vibrancy.
    I especially like the shot with the shaft of light falling on the customer's bouquet.
    Apricot pizza sounds delightful.
    I just made a apricot kuchen. the neighbors apricot tree limbs drape over the fence and into our yard. We picked a gazillion little apricots from it and now we have lucious goodies to eat.
    Thank you neighbor's tree.

  9. Our lavender is coming in too. It's so beautiful

  10. Anonymous10 July, 2012

    I would love a bouquet of fresh flowers. And some bread, and pizza and... Oh! I'd love everything!

  11. Have been to Vienna a number of times but never to any of the markets. Have so enjoyed seeing glimpses across the spectrum with you: beautiful photos, Merisi - thank you for brightening my day . . .

  12. Apricot Pizza!!
    Oh la la :O
    Love too the stripped private herbe tent
    what colors!

  13. Thank you all for your kind comments!
    I enjoyed each and everyone's,

  14. Love it. Love the waitress.
    One day I will make it to your beautiful city and we must meet for coffees.


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