Friday 6 July 2012

Gustav Klimt's Neighborhood, III
The leafy 13th District: Hietzing

Early Midsummer Morning
Under the sheltering

canopy of trees
the cool of the night

clings to the shadows,
throwing one last temper tantrum
before leaving the reign
to midsummer's heat, again

Photographed early this morning
in the 13th District
Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. Oh how exquisite ! Here in the UK it is rain rain rain, oh yes and more rain. I would gladly walk the warm streets of Vienna. What a colourful collecton of blooms.

  2. Anonymous06 July, 2012

    It's a pleasure to move slowly through a neighborhood which has such beautiful details to savor.
    Margaret Lambert

  3. Love the tender, early morning light--and those architectural details on the building which somehow echo the tiny detailed perfection of the flowers below.

  4. Gorgeous captures for the day, Merisi! I, too, love the architectural details, the beautiful flowers and soft colors! Delightful! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  5. Exquisite detail on the buildings. The greenery against the white is stunning.
    I love the framing of the first shot. Its has a very musical feel to it. (I don't know how else to explain it.)

  6. Gorgeous shots and what wonderful summer weather you're having! I'm en route at the moment from a rainy France to a rainy England. Clearly Vienna is the place to be!

  7. Hi Merisi! Thanks for checking my guest post at LL's blog. :-) What a lovely neighborhood. I love hydrangea and they are so beautiful!

  8. Ornate buildings, ornate gates, and the flowers, such lovely splendor you bring us to enjoy~

  9. Simply glorious . . . The first photo combining manmade 'greenery' with real is quite unreal! Beautiful composition. Love the pale pinks and blues with the overtones of the spring green . . . so elegant and peaceful . . .

  10. How you capture the delicate nature of morning! Thank you for showing us your Vienna!

  11. Green is such a cool and refreshing color, don't you think? Lovely photos, as always, Merisi!

  12. Thank you all! :-)

    I hope sunshine returns to your island soon!

  13. ♥ hydrangeas behind that beautiful olive fence...


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