Saturday 7 July 2012

Summer in the City
Red Hot Noon

In the Midday Heat
Red with a bit of sky blue

Leaving Freyung Square
30 June 2012, 12:30 PM
Image and Text © Merisi


  1. Dear Readers:
    As some of you may have read, I recently discovered the "compose" mode (yep, I am a genius, albeit late to the party). I am still trying to learn the ropes. So far, I did not manage to publish horizontal pictures in a larger size because anything larger than "large" invades the space of the right sidebar. I am afraid I need to get back into "layout".
    In the meantime, all images can be clicked on and viewed in a "lightbox" in their original, i.e. larger, size. Thank you for your patience!
    A wonderful weekend to all of you,

  2. I'm looking forward to an easy restful weekend. Hope yours is too

  3. What a fantastic composition of colors!

  4. Great shot for the day, Merisi! I'm sure most of us have gone through the same periods of "discovery" and your photos are worth the wait! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  5. ...and what is the guy in the poster doing? Steering a boat? a car? carrying a flute?

  6. What an unreal 'accidental' match of the unusual blue and the red :) !

  7. @ Zosia:
    You are right, it is a bicycle, the billboard an invitation to an exhibition at the Kunstforum:
    -> Rainer Ganahl
    I wanna be Alfred Jarry

    09.05.2012 – 15.07.2012
    "The bicycle takes the spotlight in Rainer Ganahl’s exhibition I wanna be Alfred Jarry. (.....) The concept artist Rainer Ganahl (born in 1961 in Bludenz) who now lives in New York is one of the most successful Austrian artists of his generation."

    1. Now I can see it. Thank you :-).

  8. Thank you all for your kind comments!
    May your days be filled with joy and serenity,


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