Sunday 22 January 2012

Coffee, Anyone?
Café Diglas

Café Diglas

Wednesday evening,
with the Golden Hour's light
flooding in through
tall windows and
bathing the interior
in its glow

Café Diglas
is my one of
my favorite Kaffeehäuser

great coffee,
fantastic food,
what more could one
wish for?
Grumpy waiters?
Oh well,
they'd have to hire actors
to perform that feat,
Diglas waiters
have friendliness in their genes,
they couldn't be grumpy
even if they wanted to!

What more
could one wish for?
Better pictures,
for once,
to really do this jewel justice,
but then, who am I
to reveal all its glory
when you can go there
and see for yourself?

Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. Who could be grumpy in a place where they have green coffee cups on pink saucers? And cherries with sugar! Makes me smile even looking at it from New York.

  2. I would take grumpy waiters any day to have a coffee in a place like this~ Happy week~

  3. Friendliness in their genes? Not in America.

  4. Ah Diglas. My first kaffeehaus for the April visit methinks.

  5. Why is Vienna so far away?
    You make it look so tempting.
    but then that's would keeps it pristine and perfect I guess...
    I'm sure I would ruin it if I showed up somehow or t'other...

  6. I am curious. Why is your coffee served with a glass of water with the upside down spoon on it. I recall reading about it being a custom in Vienna, in one of your posts - but I am wondering why.


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