Monday 23 January 2012

Chairade at the Belvedere

Red Chair
Point of view
Center right or center left?

Side Entrance
of the Upper Belvedere


1. (Group Games / Games, other than specified)
an episode or act in the game of charades
2. Chiefly Brit an absurd act; travesty

Photographed 23 January 2011
Copyright by Merisi


  1. And what a point of view! I love the skewed scale.

  2. Empty chairs in odd places are always intriguing.

  3. Marvelous photo, Merisi. That structure reminds me so much of the organ pavilion in Balboa Park in San Diego...very similar in design, though the pavilion, of course, is much bigger and contains a stage.

  4. "Modernes Kunst" can arrive at the most unlikely places!

    A windy spot to sit,but looking directly at the Belvedere is relaxing for the spirit,no matter how uncomfortable the chair.

  5. I think I would sit on the cool stone there, and melt into the paleness of the marble.

  6. Was macht der einsame Sessel dort? :-) Süss!

  7. Theresa Cheek,

    Vicki Lane,
    a few visitors to the gardens were intrigued enough to hang around to see what is going to happen (I shlepped the chair up and down between the two palaces).

    that structure is a little sideshow at side entrance to the Upper Belvedere gardens.

    that chair is going to travel some more! ;-)

    I know it's hard to imagine in Louisiana, but sitting on the stone there surely would have posed a problem: you'd be stuck, frozen stiff. ;-)

    makes me wonder too, who knows what that chair will be doing when it's all grown up! ;-)
    (It sat for decades in a school in Washington DC and was going to the dump when my daughter's art teacher had the idea to let her students paint them and their parents were allowed to buy them at auction, the proceeds going to charity. It cost me $50.)

  8. so why is there a chair 'sitting' out there?
    It looks far too cold to sit outside IMHO...but then what do I know?

  9. Yikes at that price I would carry it around too where ever I went..
    I guess...hmmm

  10. Paris Breakfasts:
    Carol, it's an art project of mine, Winterreise" (n Franz Schubert's "Winterreise" - "Winter Journey" - there is a Lied-poem called "Rast" - "Rest").


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