Thursday 10 November 2011

The Best Strawberry Napoleon Ever
Pâtisserie Zauner in Bad Ischl

The best Strawberry Napoleon ever:
Zauner's Erdbeer-Cremeschnitte

Mille-feuille aux fraises

Crème pâtissière and
strawberry flavoured crème en chantilly
cradled between two layers
of pâte feuilletée ridolent of fresh butter
and just the lightest touch of caramel - perfection!

Zauner's superb pâte feuilletée has nothing in common
with the puff pastry you'll find in the frozen section
of your supermarket,
and the cream filling is so light and fluffy,
yet so luscious that - once you have savoured it -
you'll dream of it for the rest of your life.

I am pondering right now if I can afford
to drive three hours to Bad Ischl
tomorrow morning to be there when the Napoleons
are marching fresh out of the pastry kitchen -
and >before< they run out! - and then drive three hours back to Vienna.

Did I mention that the strawberries
on top taste like the ripe berries you
found in your grandmother's strawberry patch,
sweet and full of flavour?


Café-Pâtisserie Zauner
Bad Ischl
Upper Austria
Upper Austria


Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. Nothing can keep me away from this Strawberry Napoleon. Thanks for this moment of pastry love. You made my day.

  2. you are cruel, lady Merisi...that is the most desirable thing...edibly that is, that l have ever laid eyes upon...and l want

  3. Die gleichen Gedanken habe ich auch, wenn ich dieses Foto sehe! Irgendwann werde ich´s auch sicher tun :-) Was sind schon 3 Stunden?

  4. The cake looks very tasty ... but I must confess that your last picture is VERY appetizing - and very appealing to me !!!

  5. Ooo, wish I had some right now!

  6. I would prefer it covered with chocolate.

  7. Thilda,
    it tastes even better! ;-)

    I am sure you'd love it! :-)

    I'd like to have a private jet to fly to Bad Ischl tomorrow morning, pick up a sheet full of these pastries and fly to Great Britain and deliver it safely at your doorsteps!
    Would you please brew some tea for me?

    we should coordinate a quick trip, sideways! ;-)

    that image appeared irresistible to me too:
    I shot it on my way out, after asking the kind owner of these meraviglie if I may do so (I usually don't bother innocent coffee drinkers like that, but the light was coming in through the window just so and .... oh well, not for nothing some people think I am addicted to taking pictures). ;-)

    me too! :-)

    Charles Gramlich,
    I imagine my evil twin keeping a list with your likes and dislikes, somewhere out there. ;-)

  8. Mon Dieu--that looks fabulous! Now I'm going to crave that...


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