Thursday 10 November 2011

The Perils of Harvesting Apples
Or: How to bake an Apple Pie
First published in October 2007
Times flies!

One apple
One apple,
how can anything be
more innocuous than an apple?
Has an apple ever done
any harm?

More Apples
can you see
the danger lurking?

Dozens of Red Apples
I hear a brass fanfare in the distance,
"Zarathustra's Prologue,"
a new dawn.
In the orchard?
My heart
starts beating faster.

Apple Tree
Laden With Ripe Apples!

I am hyperventilating.
A ladder!
Any ladder.
Or I'll have to
climb the tree.
(Glancing over my shoulder:
Is there anybody else there?
Shudder at the thought.)
Adrenaline pumping.

My Sweet Darlings!
Golden Ripe Apples!

I shall peel you!
I shall slice you!
I shall spice you!
I shall wrap you
in the finest pastry cloth!
And then,
b a k e * y o u
at 400 Fahrenheit!

End of Story!

Oh, Autumn
Laden With Fruit Pies!

Here a slice!

There a slice!

Half gone!


Images and Text
© by Merisi
First posted
October 2007

Those were the times
of my trusty little Sony Cybershot.
What a brave little camera
she was!


  1. I am slowly getting back, still resting (don't want to have a third relapse!). Able again to read, I looked through some of my old posts. Hard to believe that four years have passed since this one was first published. Even harder to believe that I still feel inclined to be as silly as this text is, incredulous still that a year after these images I decided I wanted to really work on my photography and stayed with it. And am still learning. I hope it never ends!

    What's most amazing, though, is the kindness and friendship you, my readers, have shown to me through the years! When I started this blog, I thought all who would ever see it would be my real life friends (and I even hid it from some of those, out of a certain sense of I don't know what, probably feeling too embarrassed of this little crazy corner of my soul?). Well, I have learned a lot about the public face of blogging and the more delighted that you all came here, seemingly out of nowhere, and cheered me on and made me love my new hometown and photography and what not in ways I did not foresee and imagine when I first set foot here in Vienna and into the blogging world. Thank you all for that and much, much more, Merisi

  2. For the Apple pie lovers among us, this is near torture. What cruel imagery to tempt us with in the morning. :)

  3. Oh Merisi,
    get well soon! In the meantime, I'm perfectly satisfied with revisiting some of your older posts, beautiful as they all are!
    Greetings from one of your readers out of nowhere, simply following your blog because every new entry gives me so much pleasure :)

  4. That is one lovely apple pie!

  5. Charles,
    I know, I empathize! xxx

    thank you from the bottom of my heart for your very sweet comment, it made my day! :-)

    "free-form" (as Julia Child called it), like my spirit! ;-)

  6. Get well soon!
    Yours apple-y,

  7. best wishes from Vienna :). why I cannot see your older posts? there are no links to them :(


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