Thursday 14 July 2011

Red Currant Tartlette
and Coffee at Babette's

Red Currant Tartlette
with Hazelnut Meringue
and a double espresso

Heavenly Delights
at Babette's
Spice and Books for Cooks
Schleifmühlgasse 17
4th District

12 July 2011
Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. God, even the name of that is intoxicating! Gorgeous images and tempting. I'm trying so hard to be good, but you're tempting me here...

  2. You know, Merisi, I would have wanted to order a double of coffee and cake, and gobbled them up all by myself!

    Summer has encouraged my gluttony!


  3. Hazelnut meringue over red currant tartelette sounds very interesting. What a lovely space! I like the sunflowers in the vases. If I am lucky, my sunflowers will be blooming in September this year (last year it was October).

  4. Sue @ A Brush with Color,
    I know, trying to be good is so hard!
    I had the very healthy herb salad with smoked trout and black olive tapenade before, to leave space for the tartlette. I love red currants and they have such a short season. ;-)

    all those vegetables and fruits in season are way too tempting, aren't they? ;-)

    I was out in the countryside yesterday and some of the sunflower fields are already blooming.
    That tartlette tasted heavenly. I love Babette's cooking (she does it right in front of you). She spent some time at Chez Panisse in California, and it shows.

  5. This is so beautiful - as are all of your delicious photos. Thank you so much for sharing these gorgeous bits of wonder from Vienna :)

    Thank you also for the tip on Salzburg! We'll be sure to take the walk, it sounds lovely!

    All the best to you!

  6. Quelle délicatesse dans ces deux derniers billets ! Une cuisine raffinée qui est réjouissante !
    On a envie de s'installer à une table et regarder aussi un livre de cuisine !
    Beautiful day !

  7. I love the piles of recipe books laid out for browsing, the sunflowers in vases and the stylish hat of the woman at the outside table. What an inviting place!

  8. Stephanie Levy,
    thank you! :-)
    Yes, take that Mönchsberg walk - early in the morning, when the bells start ringing all over town at 7AM, is magical. Into the evening, around 6PM, is another favorite time of mine.

    I agree, and it is a treasure trove for both, cookbooks (also in English and French) and cuisine.

    it is, indeed. One of the reasons I love living in Vienna!

  9. That is quite an order- what was the special occasion? ;-)


  10. I was satisfied with my morning green tea and blueberry crumble . . . until I saw this lovely tartlette with espresso. I want to change my breakfast!

  11. Oh may I have some of t hat tartelette. It looks divine.

  12. Love all the sunflowers!
    Adorable place
    merci carolg

  13. Now you've just made me hungry! :-)

  14. NIce blog. Good job you are doing. Keep going on....


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