Sunday 5 June 2011

Violet Ice Cream

Violet Ice Cream

The scoop: € 1.20
Yes, this is one scoop -
life's little luxuries
must not be expensive


The verdigris shape
in the background is
he dome of St. Michael's Gate
at Michaelerplatz


Photographed Saturday
4 June 2011, 3:13PM
by Merisi while exiting
Demel Royal and Imperial Confectioners
Kohlmarkt 14

Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. Next time I will definitely try this!!!

  2. Da leccarsi i baffi!!!
    Un abbraccio romano,
    E xx

  3. Merisi, I have just treated myself to your gifts of early June in Vienna.

    The ice cream was perfection. Might I be greedy and ask for another scoop?


  4. I believe I can taste it--YUM! Thank you.

  5. There is no ice cream in my house, alas.

  6. It's hot in Warsaw today, so this ice cream looks even more delicious.

  7. Thank you all! :-)

    hot here too, reaching 80°F,
    just like the previous days.
    The ice started melting the moment I went out the door. This was the first shot, by the second one, the cream slid off and landed on the pavement (as I had been warned by the sweet Demelinerin, alas, I insisted on wanting whipped cream). ;-)

  8. I never thought of putting whipped cream on ice cream -- but, after all, why not!

  9. Just € 1.20 from Demel's?
    Not that I'm a fan of violet ice cream but I'm ready to be converted.

  10. Vicki Lane,
    nobody else at Demel's either, but I always ask for a bit of their hand-whipped cream. It complements the flavour of the violet (and blueberry) ice cream so well, in my opinion. The ice cream is barely sweetened and the cream not at all, the combined flavour is fantastic!

    Paris Breakfast,
    I rarely eat an ice cream cone, but I get weak when I walk by Demel's street-side ice cream window. One scoop is plenty, value for your money, indeed!

  11. I am so far behind on my look-sees and this one so caught my eye, looks dreamy!


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