Monday 6 June 2011

Cherry Orchard
In the Time of Cherries

Cherry Orchard
St. Marx Cemetery

"St. Marx is definitely not austere looking.
Hard to find the right words to describe it.
It does not give a feeling of effeteness,
more of a desired indulgence,
a sense of acquiesent, almost joyful surrender:
the party's over, let's dance a waltz!
I always come away
with a sense of peacefulness."
(Merisi, 10 May 2007)

this morning
at St. Marx Cemetery
3rd District

Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. A cherry orchard seems a very special thing...that alone would cause me to want to dance a waltz, even if I were on the other side of life and interred in St Marx! I suppose it's possible that those who live where cherries grow so plentifully on their graceful green-leaved trees would not be quite so ecstatic about them as I am...but they will always be the "fruits of the gods" to me!

  2. Anonymous06 June, 2011

    I could have cherries anywhere, even in a cemetery ... !
    June is MY season !!!

  3. I cannot believe that there is a cherry orchard in a cemetery. Wow. So pretty.

  4. LOVE yr cherries!
    Is this for Karl or Groucho?

  5. Thank you all!

    Paris Breakfast:
    Neither, Carol!

    I remember reading that the name comes from St. Mathew's.

  6. Merisi, these photos and your accompanying words have given me yet another way to think of late springtime in Vienna.

    First pink cherry blossoms and their carpet, then these shining ruby cherries. And then to realize that these trees are florishing in a cemetery. This is a place that I would want to visit and sit and be contemplative.

    Thank you for the introduction. xo

  7. I like old cemeteries. They are so peaceful, lot's of old trees giving shade. I actually like to go there to read. I really like the cherry trees at the cemetery. They are a symbol of life and happiness and great summers and somehow even say "the people who rest here, once were so vibrant, red blood (as our red skin) flowing through their veins, remember them".

  8. A cemetery with wild red cherries! I wouldn't mind being buried there :) I love Zosia's comments above, and concur about reading there... Especially poetry.

  9. Anonymous07 June, 2011

    I love your blog, very beautiful. I just wanted to say that St. Marx is named after St. Mark not St. Mathew.

  10. Thank you, Felix, you are right!
    My brain is sort of short-circuiting (great excuse, isn't it?), I am in the last weeks before signing in my Diplomarbeit. ;-)

    I appreciate you taking the time to correct any mistakes I make.

    Best wishes,

  11. Is this a good place to say that I've just read (and much enjoyed) The Graveyard Book? Thanks so much for your book suggestions. That one is definitely going on the list -- for October, of course. Too bad we can't take a fieldtrip to the Highgate (or St. Marx!) Cemetary.


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