Monday 20 June 2011

Perchance, to more than dream
of a true Viennese Coffee Melange?

"Next Stop, Demel!"
the coachman called,
"Anybody up
for a cup of
Viennese Melange

"I can smell
the coffee
sighed the shop window artist,
"Unfortunately I am stuck
in here, working
with a deadline.
You think they'd offer
carry out

"As soon as I finish
those dishes,
Madonna of the Sink cried,
delighted at the prospect.
"No, thanks," the Lady
with the crocodile red purse
politely declined,
"I'd rather have a go
at the goodies
in my Julius Meinl bag

"I am stuck up to my bosom
in whipped cream!
the Hochwohlgeformte Fäulein
von Schaum in ihrer Rolle

whimpered plaintively,
"It would take both your horses
to pull me out of here

And thus it happened
that I enjoyed a wonderful cup of coffee
with the coachman, sipping a Demel Melange,
dark espresso with milkfoam so light,
yet firm enough to float away on,
dreaming of further delights


Photographed by Merisi
on 1 September 2010 at:
Fiaker at Michaelerplatz
Shop windows:
Dolce & Gabbana, Wallnerstrasse,
Diesel and Demel at Kohlmarkt -
all these locations are within a stone's throw -
Viennese Melange:
Demel, where else?
And yes, that's Apfelstrudel,
in the background.


Just before the encounter
with the Fiaker - coachman,
Merisi met another Viennese citizen:
"Look, Mr. Chancellor,
isn't that Merisi

I love Vienna!
He does too,
I am sure!

Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. Repost Day! :-)

    And yes, I asked the Chancellor if he would allow me to take his picture. Yes, he said, and posed.

    And yes, I am having fun blogging. Where else would one meet such delightful people like you?

    A wonderful week to all,

  2. Hahahaha
    Very funny!
    and the perfect cuppa to boot.
    What no take-away in Vienne?
    Even Paris now has pour emporte..
    Bon chance with thesis
    can we help?

  3. Merisi this is a hoot - thank you for giving me such a good laugh on a workaday monday morning! I adore the delicious dilemma of the hochwohlgeformte (indeed!)fraulein. And I hope Herr Chancellor is rightly thrilled and honoured to be making a guest appearance on your blog!

  4. Paris Breakfast,
    the day Demel's offers take-out coffee, I'll make an apple strudel strike in front of their entrance! ;-)
    There are plenty of bakeries that offer fairly good take-out coffee (and great sandwiches to boot!).
    Help, me? Thank you, very sweet of you to ask:
    All I need is energy and adrenalin to last me through Saturday. The rest is only discipline and typing away.

    he definitely has no idea where he ended up at the end. It was such a chance encounter and so surprising that he turned around and walked toward me, that all I could do is pull out my little pocket camera when he allowed me to take a picture. ;-)

  5. Your wonderful window reflection pictures give a whole new meaning to the word 'Shadowlands'. They are magical...

  6. Such a delightfully frivolous post :)

  7. Fun, Merisi! I love these images. Enjoyed the epilogue, too!

  8. That old lady passing by the window is great! :)

  9. Thank you all so much for your kind comments!

    methings that lady was Queen Elizabeth! ;-)

  10. I strongly suspect that the lady with the red purse is none other that HM Queen Elizabeth II -- incognito in Vienna, looking for a good cup of coffee.

    "I've had enough bloody tea!" Her Majsty shouted, hurling the cup away. "I want one of those melanges Merisi's always on about!"

  11. Vicki,
    absolutely, QE2! ;-)

    Methinks, methings, methinks ....

  12. Love your dialogue as well as your pictures.
    Coffee and Vienna go so hand in hand.

  13. I never EVER tire of reading your blog-or of Vienna. Just perfect!

  14. love, love the Demel windows! thank you for this post!! have a great rest of the week!!


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