Sunday 19 June 2011

Lost in Balms

COME slowly, Eden!
Lips unused to thee,
Bashful, sip thy jasmines,
As the fainting bee,

Reaching late his flower,
Round her chamber hums,
Counts his nectars--enters,
And is lost in balms!

Poem by Emily Dickinson

13 April 2011
in the Cherry Orchard
of St. Marx Cemetery
3rd District

Images © by Merisi


  1. Dear Readers,
    I listened to Mahler's Fourth while preparing this post, here a sample, the 3rd Movement, performed by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra unter the baton of Leonard Bernstein.
    A beautiful and peaceful Sunday to all of you,

  2. Happy Sunday to you! I love these ethereal petals.

  3. Sweet and tender... Nature is splendid.


  4. Oh my, most evocative...
    Though I lean more towards yesterdays post with virtual bites of yumminess.
    So much more sustenance in a veggie slice than a flower petal but that's just moi :)

  5. Merisi, I tried leaving comments and it showed "this web cannot be found" Ugh, hope this works. I have begun to use my dashboard to follow my blogs and then I thought, where has Meresi gone and yet you are still on my side bar blog list. Not sure why it is not showing up on dashboard then. This post in white is grand~

  6. Vicki Lane and Nath:
    Thank you! :-)

    *giggles* sorry for the diet day! ;-)

    thank you! These kind of pictures are not something that would suit a Vienna blog too often, but today, I felt like playing. It's Sunday, after all, isn't it?

    Re missing updates:
    Let's hope it's Blogger. Unlike me, they know how to repair a broken link or such. I have not changed anything, though. Or so I think.

    I noticed that every now and then Blogger does not show pictures in the sidebar. So far, they've always come back.

  7. So gorgeous, so fragile and delicate.
    Dickinson is the perfect accompaniment.
    And the Mahler.... so mahvelous!
    Your photos are always a calming visual pleasure.

  8. Mahler is one of my favorites among the classicists.

  9. Hi Merisi!

    Thank you so much for the lovely comment you left on my blog :)

    I popped over here to return the courtesy and see you're really quite a celebrity! Your blog looks marvellous and I'm so pleased Vicki caused our paths to collide...I can see I'm going to be totally captivated by what you offer here :) I have never had the pleasure of visiting Vienna and doing so through your blog is going to be such a treat!

  10. Merisi, you create works of art with your camera - what lovely, ethereal images.

  11. Cipriano,
    thank you! :-))

    Charles Gramlich:
    Mine too! I am listening to the Fourth right now
    (somehow I can collect my thoughts better listening to classical music).

    welcome, my pleasure! :-)

    thank you! :-)


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