Monday 2 May 2011

Tea and Flowers
Viennese Spring

Blond Girl
in red coat
with an armful of
white lilacs

White Cup of Tea
on red saucer
and white milk jug

Burgundy Red
Peonies next to
a puzzle board

Are you ready
to smell the flowers
and sit down
with a cup of tea?

this past Saturday
at Café Museum
and the Farmers Market
at Yppen Square

Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. Beautiful! How I love red!!!
    Lovely lilacs and lily of the valley below as well!
    It's gorgeously springtime here on your blog!
    Fresh and beautiful!

  2. The white cup of tea on a red saucer is a spectacular image. I shall honor the image by making myself a cup of tea right now.

  3. Beautiful red photos!
    Love the blond girl with white lilacs.

  4. thank you...I miss my peonies in my old garden so much!!!

    luv saz x

  5. Count me in! drinking tea right now

  6. Such a clean combination -- red and white. Beautiful images, Merisi!

  7. Dear Readers,
    thank you for taking the time to leave such kind comments! I appreciate it immensely, I really do.
    Thank you, my friends,
    best wishes for a wonderful day for all of you,

  8. Anonymous03 May, 2011

    I always love following you through your palette of colours and through your accurate eye !

  9. Marie-Noëlle,
    merci! :-)
    My photo opportunities have been probably less than a handful of "outings" since the January. Yikes! I comfort myself by thinking that if I am lucky, I'll finish school this summer. I cherish every opportunity to take pictures that are not for school (among others, at least a thousand pictures of white cherry blossoms, which sent me all over town in search of one last still blooming tree - all went so fast this spring, here today, gone tomorrow!). I am getting into whining here, yikes!

  10. Gorgeous, just gorgeous in red and I also love the Lilac entries beneath, their fragrance and delicate beauty all very nice~

  11. A wonderful presentation of colour!

  12. I'm ALWAYS ready for peonies!!!

  13. Something about the blonde girl in the red coat... is very fetching. Great photo

  14. OOooo I really like the closeup of the teaspoon and cup. Great composition. I'm coveting the little creamer sitting by the teacup.
    Always fun to come here and smell the lilacs and see what the world is like through your eyes.

  15. Red and white, the colours of Polish and Canadian flags, the two countries I lived in.

  16. I love all of these pictures! The first one has stolen my heart :-) Perfect!


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