Wednesday 25 May 2011

Morning by the Fountain

Some mornings
leave you feeling like Atlas
carrying the weight
of the world,
when that simple
"splash of water on the face"
turns out to be a torrent instead
and you feel as if you'll never again be
"buzzing around the house on espresso"

when your Muse
has a hard time inspiring you

leaving you
with nothing but an amphora
of plain water
to wash away

the bitterness
you felt
while sipping your espresso
this morning

on the morning
of May 11, 2010
at the fountain in front
of the Austrian Parliament
and at Demel's

The quotes -
"splash of water on the face" and
"buzzing around the house on espresso"
are from Billy Collins'
poem "Morning"

Images and text
© by Merisi


  1. this is Billie Collins...
    Does he have a line or two re: eating too much pastry the day before and feeling sick as a dog the next?
    Lovely pics.

  2. Paris Breakfasts:
    Carol, only the the quotes are by Billy Collins,
    the rest is mine. ;-)

    Did you drink Champagne, by any chance? *smile*

  3. Gorgeous! I love the fountain.

  4. Mermaids and Mermen have been everywhere in my consciousness lately. Like that image.

  5. Your poems are at least as beautiful as your photographs!

  6. It never stops to amaze me how hard stone like marble can flow and weave and almost move in the wind under a master sculptor's hand (e.g. the hair, the gowns, the muscles of the statues).

  7. Wonderful fountains ! wonderful Wien !
    And alllways your coffee ! lol I find than Wiener coffee is beautiful before to drink it, Gorgeous cream...

    Fountain on Ringstrasse, coffee at Demel's, what a marvellous day for eyes and heart...

  8. Such beautiful people, those statues! And Haydn country is even more alluring than that amazing Black forest cake!

  9. such a pretty cup and spoon...
    I want to dive in though it probably is not a good idea..
    The spoon is perfection...
    Can these really be as good as you make them look?


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