Thursday 26 May 2011

This little Rose

Nobody knows this little Rose --
It might a pilgrim be
Did I not take it from the ways
And lift it up to thee.

Only a Bee will miss it --
Only a Butterfly,
Hastening from far journey --
On its breast to lie --

Only a Bird will wonder --
Only a Breeze will sigh --
Ah Little Rose -- how easy
For such as thee to die!

Only a Bird will wonder
Poem by
Emily Dickinson


Captured in
Vienna's Volksgarten Rose Garden
and in Grete-Rehor-Park next
to the Parliament

Original August 2009
Repost 2011
Images © Merisi


  1. Such a beautiful picture :') hope you are well, Merisi!

  2. Given a morning free of imposed scheduling, I have indulged myself with a leisurely appreciation of your recent posts, Merisi.

    May I thank you again for these reminders of how beautiful life can be.


  3. Catherine,
    thank you!
    Life has its up and downs, but,
    as Paul Valery so beautifully said:
    Le vent se lève! . .
    il faut tenter de vivre!
    L'air immense ouvre et referme mon livre,
    La vague en poudre ose jaillir des rocs!
    Envolez-vous, pages tout éblouies!
    Rompez, vagues! Rompez d'eaux rejouies
    Ce toit tranquille où picoraient des focs!

    nothing makes me happier than knowing you are enjoying these little moments of immense beauty I manage to share with you all!

  4. The petals are so thick in this rose.

  5. Who is Poppet?
    what is she,
    That all our swains commend her?

    Holy, fair, and wise is she;

    The heaven such grace did lend her,

    That she might admirèd be.

    Is she kind as she is fair?

    For beauty lives with kindness.

    Love doth to her eyes repair,

    To help him of his blindness,

    And, being helped, inhabits there.

    Then to Poppet let us sing,

    That Poppet is excelling;

    She excels each mortal thing

    Upon the dull earth dwelling:

    To her let us garlands bring.

  6. Charles Gramlich,
    seeing a bud so small producing such profuse beauty,
    a miracle of nature, isn't it?

    Paris Breakfasts:
    Carol, "How now! are you sadder than you were before?" Poppet is but memory.

  7. The roses are beautiful and so is Emily Dickinson's poem. A lovely post indeed.

  8. Hello Merisi
    I never saw a little rose so beautiful and kind like this!!!
    Actualy, this garden may be fantastic!!!

  9. I wasn't familiar with this lovely Dickinson poem, made all the prettier by your incredible rose photography!

  10. I wasn't familiar with this lovely Dickinson poem, made all the prettier by your incredible rose photography!

  11. Beautiful roses and lovely poem!

  12. So Lovely! Have a very special weekend~

  13. Hello Merisi. What a beautifully ruffled rose, such delicate shades of pink. Perfect for Emily's poem. Thank you for the moment of beauty here.

  14. Sweet little sparrow and delightful roses. I am amazed how you can come up with such wonderful poetry to match the photos you post. Its always such a treat visiting your blog Merisi.

  15. You are a rose's best friend, Merisi!

  16. Roses are best in the spring after a harsh winter. Lovely photos, Merisi.

  17. Your Vienna is so beautiful filled with roses and sweet temptations, cherries and strawberries and lush greenery in public spaces.

    Sorry for my prolonged absence, we were on the road for a month just bumbling about and visiting my sister and our son's family. Oddly enough it is easier to manage our little menage a trois, me him and Mr.Alzheimer, when travelling where there are new places to see and different things to do.

    Hope you and yours are well.


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