Wednesday 2 March 2011

Emperor's Rubbish for Breakfast
Sunday Morning at Café Gloriette

Reflection on a Spoon
on top of a
glass of water

Sunday Morning
Café Gloriette
Schönbrunn Park

Viennese Melange
Espresso with milk
and milk foam
served with a glass of water
on a silvery tray

The "Emperor's Rubbish" -
a very tongue-in-cheek translation
of what is essentially a pancake gone to
Imperial Court with the help of
a few well beaten egg whites,
cooked like an omelette in a pan
and then torn to pieces,
which in turn are dusted with sugar
and given a few more rounds in the pan
until the sugar caramelizes.
Served here
with stewed plums.
Hungry, anyone?

While my friends dug into
the Kaiserschmarrn,
I had this utterly delicious croissant.
No, I am not a Goodie-Two-Shoes,
I only cooked one too many Schmarrn
for my children and their friends.
They like to eat it with All-American
unsweetened apple sauce
from the grocery store.
I have yet to find unsweetened
applesauce here in Vienna.

And this is for you,
enjoy! :-)


16 January 2011
Café Gloriette
Schönbrunn Park

Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. You should have put up a Drool Warning and advised us to don a bib before reading this post! Especially as I hadn't yet had my petit déjeuner this morning.
    I am in love with the picture of the reflecting spoon on the glass of water: sheer magic!
    Thank you, Merisi, for POTW Reader's Choice nomination at Hilary's, which I learned of today through visitors directed from that blog.
    I can't tell you how honoured I feel!

  2. I've had a melange, I've tasted kugelhopf. I tried to order a kaiserschmarrn in Demel but it was too late in the day. They only make it in the morning. Reason enough to return to Vienna? I thinks so, just for kaiserschmarrn!

  3. I don't know what is making me drool more - the food or that room, that glorious dining room. Wow.

  4. Louciao,
    You are welcome! :-)

    the Kaiserschmarrn at Demel's is gloriously fluffy and tasty, melts on your tongue like souffle'. Don't miss it next time you are there! ;-)

    did you click on the label "Cafe Gloriette"?
    More pictures of that wonderful building.
    Emperor Francis Joseph did indeed have breakfast in there, in glorious solitude.

  5. WOW! Amazing blog! It's hard not to feel some jealousy with where you are! Thanks for all the comments on my blog. I truly appreciate every single one (and my mother will love you for saying she looks young!!!).

  6. "Imperial Rubbish" sounds so funny but tastes delicious! I love it :-)

  7. Thank you so much, Dear Merisi! It is so fun to learn about something like this! You are so nice to give us some!

    And thank you, as always, for your lovely visits to The Tearoom! I would be so interested to try the oranges you mentioned! I was actually quite shocked to see blood oranges in the supermarket here in Little Town, Maine (my polite name for it today!!).

    *whispering* Did you see I had been very bad and visited you today, but had gotten distracted and hadn't left you a little message? I am very ashamed of myself. :(

    Wishing you a Happy Night!


  8. Thank you all so very much for your kind comments!

    Betty, no worry at all,
    I am glad you have a good time here,
    that is worth a thousand words.

  9. Gossamer Tearoom,
    Betty, remember, blood oranges where quite exotic even back in Washington, DC. I remember Magruder having them, occasionally, and maybe Sutton Place Gourmet on New Mexico in the Eighties or the "Social Safeway" down in Georgetown (one of the few places back then that carried French baguettes from Vie de France. Days old at times, but quite a change. Do your emember the "bread lines" at Marvelous Market, when they first opened on Connecticut Avenue? And now I miss the good European-style breads from artisan bakeries like Marvelous or Uptown or Firehook bakeries, which opened in the Nineties.

  10. Oh, Kaiserschmarrn . . . Yummmm

  11. *clunk*

    Just passed out from wild desire.

  12. Oh Heavenly, but a difficult choice !
    I love the K, but that well packed croissant looks divine. The gloriette was closed last time I visited but I think I will have to return and try again. And soon.

  13. Now that Kaiserschmarrn looks yummy!!! Better than what I had for dinner. A Tv dinner.

  14. I'll take the rubbishy bits thank you very much!!

  15. I KNEW I would miss a lot while away (for a holiday week and now for work piles !!! )
    I just ADORE that very first picture!
    A spoon of gold !!! ;)

  16. Kaiserschmarrn is usually translated as "emperor's nonsense", this does sound a bit more enticing than rubbish :)

    Merisi, hope you don't mind my comment, I am a fan of your blog, your photos are the best!!!

  17. Dear readers,

    thank you so much for your kind comments!
    I was away for a few days (not for fun!) and it felt so good to be back in Vienna and open the comment section here and read all your wonderful comments. I had planned to be away in Venice this weekend, but life intervened and I had to cancel that (as sad as I felt, I have on the other hand been able to successfully tick off an item of my to-do list that had weight heavily on me for some time, Hurrah for that! *smile*).

    @ INGRID,
    welcome and thank for pointing out that Kaiserschmarrn is usually translated as "nonsense" rather than "rubbish". I confess that more than a little bit of licentia poetica led me to use the word rubbish deliberately, and with a wink and tongue in cheek. I did not in any way want to put down or ridicule Viennese Mehlspeisen Cuisine, quite the opposite.

  18. Dear Merisi,
    I discovered your blog today. It is amazing! Not just the photographs, but also their wonderful descriptins...!!
    I might be visiting Vienna in the second week of April. I would be grateful for tips on what to experience with a camera...


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