Wednesday 2 March 2011

Café Hawelka

Midnight Espresso
Café Hawelka


with a Sony Ericson J10i2
Cell Phone
16 January 2011
between 1 and 2:AM
© by Merisi


  1. Hmmm...I used to love being out that late, having coffee and a snack at Kramerbooks or The Diner (never went to Tryst. Don't know why. Did you know it?)

    Thank you so much for your last super-sweet comment. I feel exactly the same way about my blog, but I know some people are so uptight about not having "stalkers"! The way I see it is if I was a moment of respite in someone's day, that's enough for me. I do not have to know they were there. (There is always tea enough for everyone!)

    Happy Staying Up Late!


  2. Betty,
    I agree, absolutely.
    I am very grateful for all of you who leave comments, but I am also nothing but happy about visitors who drop in, look at my posts, and quietly slip out again.
    I feel honored each and every time somebody takes the time to visit. We all have only so many hours in a day.

    I have been at Kramerbooks late at night, but never at Tryst. In fact, I had never heard about it. ;-)

  3. Merisi, thank you for your kind comment. Glad to say I am now pretty much recovered...and also glad that I have one more day off to enjoy tomorrow.

    The reflection in the silver spoon is a beautiful image. And I would gladly try a helping of the Emperor's Rubbish, supplying the accompanying applesauce.


  4. Merisis,
    I don't know why but I find that sugar cube exquisite. :-)

  5. Frances,
    good to hear you are taking good care of yourself!
    Thank you for the apple sauce. Funny how of all places I can't find unsweetened apple sauce here, while in the States every grocery store carries both varieties, sweetened and unsweetened.

    The Girl from Cherry Blossom Street,
    a cute little lonely Nighthawk sugar cube, isn't it?
    Wonder what Edward Hopper would have made of it!
    (Btw, I was so lucky to see the big Hopper exhibition in Lausanne, Switzerland, last summer - made me quite nostalgic of my old homeland.)

  6. I love Hawelka although it´s not the same as it was a few years ago. And I miss the famous "Buchteln"...

  7. Impressive pic for a cell phone!

  8. Silver trays at night...
    Is that mini champers...
    On a marble tabletop
    Can it get better than this?

  9. Those glasses and mini bottles of champagne are beckoning me to the table, Merisi !!!
    A tiny bubble left, by any chance ???


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