Tuesday 1 March 2011

Coffee at the Emperor's
Walking up to Café Gloriette
at the top of Schönbrunn Hill

Neptune Fountain
Schönbrunn Park
13th District

Schönbrunn Palace
Looking from the Neptune Fountain
at the Palace's garden façade

View of Schönbrunn Palace
from the Neptune Fountain
at the foot of Schönbrunn Hill

Walking Up
Schönbrunn Hill
towards the Gloriette,
looking back at the palace

Coffee Melange for Two
Well-earned, I'd say,
after all, you walked
all the way up to the top
of Schönbrunn Hill!
Café Gloriette

You'd like to visit Café Gloriette
virtually? Just click on its label below,
and there you go!
Enjoy! :-)


16 January 2011
Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. I'm so glad we could have our coffee melange together. Wouldn't that be fun in real life?
    Your tours take me to places I will probably never go so I say a big thank you.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your kind comments.

  2. I want to travel to Vienna and have a coffee melange every time I stop by here! Maybe for my next trip...

  3. OMG!!!
    Coffee Melange for Two WITH LUSCIOUS ROSE!
    How can I wait until October?
    Temptation beckons...

  4. Hi Merisi - I just took a coffee break from work and spent 15 minutes enjoying your recent photos. Such a lovely break in my day that you have afforded me! Mersi Merisi!

    I hope you are well,
    Your friend,
    Lori Lynn

  5. I have just scanned down to catch up with some of the posts I've missed; had three cups of coffee, kissed a teddy and seen some lovely sights.
    If I suffered from SAD I would only have to spend ten minutes in the clear Vienna light to feel better.

  6. WWWWOOOOoooo ! Neptune Fountain ! What a makepiece ! I like ! Wonderful Wien !
    Have a nice day.

  7. A beautiful walk. And oh! that rose!


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