Monday 28 February 2011

Munday Morning
Coffee, Anyone?

in need of

a good cup
of coffee

before heading off
to work

at the
des Beaux-Arts

A wonderful week
to all of you!

Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. Yes, please. I want a coffee... and this cute teddy.
    But now I´m sitting in school and want to be in viena... dreaming.

  2. Sonnenblumenkind,
    woudln't it be wonderful if we all could sit by the sunny window in a Viennese coffee house instead of at work or in school? *dreamdreamdream*

    The bear is part of a private, not-for-sale collection exhibited at the Ambiente Galerie here in Vienna. They always bring a smile to my face when I pass by there.

    Clicking on the label "Ambiente Galerie" calls up previous posts with more of those endearing bears!


  3. When I read coffee in the heading, I knew it would be you. Thanks for sharing those coffee breaks and all the little goodies you see in the stores.

  4. L. D. Burgus,
    you are welcome, my pleasure! :-)

  5. Those two off to work teddies have the appropriate serious expressions.

  6. O M G!!!
    I LOVE that pink and green coffee cup!
    It's looks almost like a toy set...
    There is no way I can NOT come to Vienna! Diglas are you ready for me? Polish those spoons & wash those glasses so they sparkle please.
    The bears going off to work...they must of heard about BEAR..?

  7. Vicky Lane,
    they look as if they were going to work in the teddy bear streetcar, don't they? ;-)

  8. Paris Breakfasts,
    you need to bring Bear to Vienna!
    I'll introduce him! ;-)

  9. A very Happy week to you too Merisi .. Cute little bear .. I used to collect bears , have quite a few .. I gave one to my hubby in 2002 when he started travelling with Formula 1 (he is still travelling) it goes every where , maybe I should do a post about him (fredrico)the bear ♥

  10. Yes, pour me one, please!

  11. I would be in a delicious agony of choice if I came to Vienna - which café to go to, how many can I fit in? Just when I'm in love with Sperl (thanks for the link to the movie which I have to order now!), you give me Diglas! And what about Drechsler or the Savoy or ....?

  12. Anne,
    oh yes, I am looking forward to her Federico's tales!

    anytime! :-)

    Karen, now you got me worried! Should I put a disclaimer on my blog, "Not responsible for any agony of choice suffered after reading this post!"? *twinkle*

  13. Such a creative spirit you are, enjoy it so much.

  14. Mary Howell Cromer,
    thank you for your kind words!
    Putting these little posts together is an incredibly fun and rewarding outlet.

  15. Oh my Merisi, how did you get a picture of me first thing in the morning...before MY coffee???
    Great post.
    I hope your day went well.


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