Saturday 22 January 2011

Coffee Cup Waltz
Viennese Moments

Some afternoons
I have coffee in Paris,

but while looking out into the Secret Garden
admiring a neighbour's tulips in the window

my cup takes up a life of its own
and waltzes closer to Rome

Music of the Spheres

by Josef Strauss
for you!

Images and Text
Copyright by Merisi


  1. Such lovely tulips in the midst of winter. Hope the new year has been inspiring and photo worthy thus far :)

  2. Soft pinks and promises of spring. Lovely!

  3. Hexe,
    ever since I moved into this home here in Vienna, my neighbour's tulips have been a source of joy when looking out my window. When tulip time is gone, other flowers appear.

    Thank you for your wishes, I hope yours started out well too! I confess I am looking forward to spring break in February.

    this time of the year even the smallest sign of spring is welcome, isn't it?

  4. Lovely! I can imagine how delicious the coffee must be!!

  5. Such luscious photos! Those tulips are like a beacon of hope.

  6. A lovely afternoon reverie!

  7. Absolutely lovely! Makes me dream of spring and nice escapes...

  8. Always so creative, you bring smiles from your door, to Paris, Rome, anywhere your imagination wants to go and I love the ride along~

  9. Such well traveled coffee must taste doubly good, especially accompanied by views of a secret garden!

  10. I love how you manage to take something as simple and serene as a cup of coffee and turn it into a fairy tale as well as a travelogue. Wonderful as always!

  11. Hello Merisi. After what's been a bit of a tough week, what a joy it's been to click over here and resume an acquaintance with style, beauty, culture and wit.

    Late nights at Cafe Havelka...I would love to be there, yet thank you for allowing to think I have seen it.

    Punch squares and other petit-fours...please refill my plate.

    The brocante...enchanting. I'm now old enough to see many items I grew up amidst seeming to have acquired vintage status. Perhaps I am acquiring vintage status, too!

    Thank you so much for all the delcious, elegant coffees and entrees into your beautiful Vienna (and those side trips to Venice, too.)


  12. just maybe someone is thinking of going to Paris..?

  13. So happy to see your lovely cups of coffee again !
    Good week to you !


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