Saturday 22 January 2011

Brocante à la Viennoise:
Allegro con Brio

Rule #1
A proper Viennese Brocante
has to take place
in a suitably elegant
No dusty fields

Rule #2
You are strongly
encouraged to dress
for the occasion.
Cocktails before, during, and/or
afterwards are de rigueur

Rule #3
Rules are there
to be broken.
Coffeepot has no lid?
Use the teapot's

Rule #4
Acknowledge thy mother's
exquisite taste in china.
Your mother would have
to be married to Bill Gates nowadays
if she wanted to buy that same old china set
you ate your childhood meals from

Rule #5
Forget about the rules:
Just look at these milk jugs.
They lend themselves beautifully
to stir the perfect Palatschinken dough

These beautiful pastel-hued dishes
used to grace many an Austrian family's
everyday dinner table in the Sixties and Seventies.

The Lililen-Porzellan company
discountinued production of the
popular "Daisy" dishes in 1971.
Collectors have been hunting
for them ever since.

Click --> Lilien-Porzellan
to learn more about
the success story of
these extraordinary dishes
from a small manufacturer
in Lower Austria


17 April 2010 at the
Saturday Flea Market
West of Naschmarkt

along Wienzeile
U4 Metro Stop:


Images and Text
Copyright by Merisi


  1. Another repost.
    I am craving light!
    And time for fun .... ;-)

    A wonderful weekend to all of you,
    thank you for your incredibly kind and heartwarming comments to my previous reposts,

  2. Wow, wow, wow and wow again. How could I miss this the first time you posted it?????
    I love the shades of sea green here, and the china.........

    Thanks for giving me fun and light :-)

  3. Oh I love these pastels.. they're so beautiful. And I adore how you have a hint of soft green in every shot.

  4. So lovely. I think eating off of pastel dishes would somehow make the meal more enjoyable.

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE the lacey architecture and then the dress...

  6. That white teapot whose lid was borrowed by the other is positively calling my name....

  7. I love these pastel cups . I missed this post the 1st time

  8. Gorgeous. These colors make me happy.

  9. Perfect colours to anticipate spring!

    Alas, china is not made the same way it was, or so it seems. And so true about the cost.


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