Thursday 20 January 2011

Venice Dreaming
Viennese Escapes

Sunday Morning in Venice
The Winged Lion of San Marco
greets another dawn
from high over the Piazzetta
next to San Marco Square.
Andrea Palladio's church of
San Giorgio Maggiore
emerges from the predawn mist
across the Canale di San Marco

Wooden Benches
leaning languorously
against the columns of the arcades
next to Caffè Florian,
in wait for when the late morning's sun
rises them from their dreamy mood,
to stand ready to offer once again refuge
to patrons waiting for a table
at La Serenessima's
most venerable coffee house

A Few Pigeons
take a leisurely morning stroll,
playfully picking over what's left
from last night's bounty.
I can almost feel how they relish
the thought that soon enough
they will again be blessed with
Manna from Heaven,
albeit at the hands of man

The Curtain's Up,
the stage is set:
The sun will rise
and so will La Serenissima


Sunday morning
14 March 2010

Images and Text
© by Merisi



  1. I simply needed a little virtual escape.
    Hope you enjoyed it too!
    Cheers and good night from Vienna,

  2. A beautiful escape among these dull winter days...Loved that!

  3. The mist makes it all especially lovely. Thanks, Merisi!

  4. Hello Merisi,
    The big lion up to the mast in San Marco Square is a great view in a friday morning here in Brazil!!!
    Gorgeous photos!

  5. Woooo ! La Sérénissima ! I love ! it's for me like Wien, like my dear Paris ! Venezia is a city of a dream where all is more, A city where we feel things twice as much, if we are happy, we are twice more in Venice and conversely. I like her colors, her atmospheres, she is beautiful !
    Thanks a lot for your photos.
    Liebe Gruss,

  6. Why do these lovely images make me shiver with delight? Because I see no snow!!!!

  7. OMG!
    That first shot!!!
    I've never seen anything like it
    they are all beautiful.
    I love the contrast of foggy to sharp focus - sooooo atmospheric

  8. A virtual escape very nice for us also ! Thank you !

  9. They're all too beautiful for words. Buildings with drapes that fall into folds like ruffles...that is a world I want to live in! Thank you so much for taking time from your busy schedule to send me the links, Merisi. Maybe one day we will meet there.
    Catherine xx


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