Sunday 5 December 2010

Stopping by Demel on a Sunny Afternoon

"Whose woods
these are
I think I know."
You do too,
don't you?

marzipan Christmas trees
and white meringue kisses
in cellophane bags
with golden bows
in glass cookie jar

Glass Vetrine
Rows of Viennese Guglhupf
on silvern footed cake stands,
gift-wrapped boxes
full of mystery

A Wiener Melange
Strong coffee that
pulls you out of your
afternoon listlessness!
See the plate of cookies?
Courtesy of the house,
melt-on-your tongue delicious
hand-made vanilla crescents!
I think I ate
three, no, four,
wait ....

The Demelinerin
Your Coffee Fairy,
keeping you
safe and in coffee ...

... or
hand-whipped cream,
if you'd rather go
onto that side of
the fluffy road -
not me,
I am of the
milk-foam congregation

These Guglhupf
sure look good!
Alright, move on,
we are on the way out,

'Til We Meet Again
And in the meantime,
we can dream,
can't we?


December 2009
at K.u. K Hofzuckerbäcker
Demel Royal and Imperial Confectioners

Kohlmarkt 14
Where else?

Images & Own Text
© by Merisi

* Robert Frost


  1. Dear Readers:
    Another re-post, I know,
    but I am exhausted and am not even sure I will ever take another photograph again. ;-)

    I wish you all a wonderful Sunday,

  2. I am so happy to see the "winkie" after your remark above! Your followers would no doubt organise a protest march along Graben!

    Great pictures of the guglhpf look tempting - I discovered they make an excellent base for a trifle. And that's no trifling matter at Christmas!

  3. Wandering Star,

    I am sort of torn, I could be there in no time, but need to hold myself back and better take care of duties. The semester ended yesterday and I have a lot of back-log to work through. Christmas getting closer, I better be good! ;-)

  4. Hi Merisi!
    It's a quiet morning and I'm indulging in a cup of warm, English toffee coffee and my favorite blog sites. Your pictures today remind me of how Europeans make even the smallest items seem special. Packaging of everything is so beautiful. Lesson re-learned today: Find or create beauty in every little thing that you do. Wishing you some precious "catch-up" time and rest. There would be a void in "blog-landia" if you quit taking and sharing pictures.
    Winter hugs,

  5. Totally Yummy!
    who needs new pictures?

  6. Allie,
    thank you! :-)

    Paris Breakfasts:
    "Who needs new pictures?"
    Extactly, I am asking that myself more and more.

  7. And it's nice and warm in there I imagine, in case there is snow outside.

  8. Charles Gramlich,
    yes, warm and the air perfumed with chocolate and coffee! ;-)

  9. I don't mind having a 'second slice' of a re-post at all...It is every bit as delicious. Rest well and enjoy the season, Merisi!
    Catherine xx

  10. Gorgeous :)

  11. Oh, this is lovely, repost or not. I'll take the hand-whipped cream, of course, and I love that last, blurry action photo. Like a dream--a perfect reverie.

    Rest up, Merisi! bisousxo

  12. so very pretty, white meringue kisses!

  13. Oh lalalala ! Demel ! The Pastry (Pâtisserie) of Wonderland ! Fantastic ! One of the "Must" of Wien ! Thank you Merisi for these photographies.
    Happy week and happy december.

  14. 'Til We Meet Again
    And in the meantime,
    we can dream,
    can't we?

    Lovely,hardship and hopefull...lovely...


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