Sunday 5 December 2010


Wings of Doves
Trying to capture
Christmas lights, I caught
birds in flight, too
Kärntner Strasse


Copyright by Merisi


  1. Such a beautiful photo.
    And you know what I notice? The Gosser beer sign.
    It's one of my favorite beers.... hmmm... perhaps I am an alcoholic....

  2. Oh Beautiful ! Que c'est beau !
    Merci, Thanks a lot.

  3. Merisi, I love the element of chance, luck, whatever it is that lets birds find a quick way to cross a camera's lens. Your photo has captured more than first planned, and wonderfully so.

    Gosser beer. I thank the prior comment for this reference as it takes me back to my train ride into Vienna, in the company of a lovely fellow traveler. She was returning to Vienna (where she sang with the opera) from a visit to her family in Hambourg.

    She shared sandwiches made by her mum in Hambourg, and treated me to my first taste of Gosser in the train's cafe care.

    The train's staff knew her well, and were as happy as I was when she sang us some Bob Dylan tunes accompanying herself on a guitar.

    Ahh, what memories were released by the word Gosser.


  4. I looked at the photo and thought what nice bird decorations.

  5. Gorgeous. I think they should add silhouettes of birds to next year's strands of lights.

  6. Love love love those hanging birds!!
    very nicely back-lit too Mme. Photographer :)


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