Saturday 4 December 2010

Viennese Escapes:
Salzburg's Demel

Chocolate Nougat Torte
Sin, Thy Name is Annatorte!

Everybody dance indulge!

Oh, Brother!
He loves Dobostorte, but
flirted with Esterhazy Torte too!

Coffee Melange
Three takes, and still,
that spoonful of milkfoam
kept eluding me -
finally, I asked for a pause.

At least two aficionados in our
group of fifteen

More photographers
than at your average
Kaffeekränzchen, I bet!

Lady Anna, Again
Like any temptation with a sense of style,
she insisted on arriving with a veil

Raspberry Variations
with a touch of pistacchio:
A glimpse of the sorbet coloured salon
We celebrated in the velvety chocolate one,
it seemed to speak our mind more

Raspberry and Lavender
Salzburg's Demelinerinnen
work in sorbet colours,
not the traditional black with white accents
of the original Demel in Vienna


Photographed by Merisi
at Salzburg's Demel
11 November 2009

Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. You just made me very hungry, even though I finished lunch a few minutes ago!

  2. Mmmm! Please may I savour a Lady Anna against my lips?

  3. Al,
    I feel ya! ;-)

    Seattle Boy,
    this side of the pond, we dig in and eat the cake, no fooling around. ;-)

    Vicki Lane,
    these are great memories of a joyful celebration.

  4. Merisi, how on earth do you actually pick a favorite torte or other pastry from these temptations?

    I can imagine taking up residence in one of the Demel's and just trying each and every one of their treasures. Not all on the same day, mind you! The celebration looks like great fun.


  5. I am still yearning for the new Demel in NYC and this is not helping! I took a piece home of the Anna Torte to have with my mom - it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g !! That topping should be not allowed on this planet. Great post. Hopefully they will find a new location soon in NYC......

  6. Your photos have made me fall in love with Annatorte. I long to gently remove her veil and slowly savour her dark secrets. Is this, I wonder, acceptable behaviour from a heterosexual woman of a certain age?

  7. Frances,
    how do I pick a favorite?
    Here a bite, and there a bite ... ;-)
    Truth is, I simply knew, after the first bite of Annatorte,.

    NYC, Style and a little Cannoli,
    I hope for your sake that Demel returns to New York City soon! ;-)

    no worry, there is nothing to be ashamed off in longing to get close to Annatorte that way! ;-)

  8. Louciao,
    see, how I lose all marbles, just thinking of(f) Annatorte? ;-)

  9. Makes me hungry just looking.Good post.

  10. Ahh, to think these delights await me when I come to Vienna (though not Salzburg) in a couple of weeks - I can feel my hips expanding already!

  11. Hard to say which i prefer, both Vienna and Salzburg are sooo tempting. Kaffee mit Schlag und Torte . . . utterly sinful but oh such a treat!


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