Monday 27 December 2010

On the Second Day of Christmas

Snow laden yew tree branch,
dancing in the wind,
playing hide and seek
with the morning sun


I hope
all of you
who are experiencing
harsh winter conditions
are safe and warm!

the sun is shining
and light fluffy snowflakes
are dancing from the sky
at the same time -
the miracles of Christmas!

Warm greetings,


Looking out my window
20 December 2009
Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. Beautiful! And I so loved yesterday's little fantasy about the home life of Mr and Mrs Claus - thanks for starting my day with a laugh in this post-Christmas, over-indulged, exhausted blur of a state I find myself in today!

  2. Lovely picture! It was a white Christmas in England, but dreary miserable rain and slushy stuff right now.

  3. .. lovely picture ... we are coping with the blizzard ... at least we have power ... lifts the spirits to see your photo ... thanks

  4. Une magnifique photo ! En pensant que vous ayez passé un très bon Noël et I wish you a good end of this year !
    Best greetings !

  5. Your snow looks much prettier than our yew trees to speak of here.
    All I can think about is making biscotti (I've never made it before but...)
    The supermarket is not very close by and brown sugar is low..

  6. Thank you Merisi. We are in the end of a nice white Christmas, only about 3 inches in KY compared to the many inches others received, even places both here and Europe got tons of the white fluff. Nice cushioning for the reindeer on Santi-hoho's sleigh though, at least for the thoughts of the little folk. A man that lived near us, brought over to the USA many years ago our first Yew trees and there is a place nearby in his honor called Yew Dell Gardens~

  7. We finally got sight of blue sky this afternoon after three days of snow! Your picture is full of joy/

  8. Enjoy your white Christmas with a lot of time for family and friends.

    Lovely snowy photo.

  9. Thank you all!

    Mary Howell Chromer,
    I did not know about Dell and the gardens named in his honour, thank you! Our house in DC had 2 tall yew trees to the left and right of the entrance, that's why I am so happy I can look out at another one from the apartment here.


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