Sunday 26 December 2010

After a long and perilous Journey,
Santa returns home to Mrs. Claus

Mrs. Santa Claus
Strapless cocktail dress
and high heel red boots, white fur trim:
If that is not an outfit worthy
to welcome back Santa, what is?

Christmas Tree
No messy needles and sap
for Mr. and Mrs. Claus:
Artificial pre-lit white tree
and red baubles it is

Santa Residence
Traditional fresh balsam firs
with big red bows
to welcome home
the hero

A white longhaired goat's wool
Flokati pillow waits on the red velvet sofa
for Santa's tired head


Image and Text
© by Merisi


  1. I've never thought of Mrs. Claus as being so slinky. All of these photographs go together so wonderfully -- contemporary kitsch. Or is that an oxymoron?

    Most affectionate season's greetings, dear Merisi. xx

  2. Bee,
    Mrs. Claus, who'd have thunk! *smile*

    Best wishes for continued good tidings,

    (I have been a bit handicapped lately, what with slicing my left middle finger almost in half, sort of, just before Christmas Eve, typing is still a challenge, with one hand.)

  3. This is great. Brought a big smile to my face.
    I am sorry about your finger! I hope your holiday was
    warm and bright!

  4. .. oh, so sorry about the finger .. lovely pictures ... snowing like crazy in CT and environs ...

  5. Perhaps that is the second Mrs. Claus . . . older gentlemen so often take on 'trophy wives' . . .

  6. Looks like even Santa gets his wish sometimes...:0)

    Sorry about your finger..hope it mends quickly

  7. SLinky is a good word for it. Love that top doll.

  8. Dang! Even Santa got a trophy wife. I hope the first Mrs. Clause was sunning herself on a beach somewhere with her girlfriends.

  9. Right now I would like to be Santa to partake of all these delights!

  10. Thank you! I send you all an imaginary Flokati pillow!


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