Monday 29 November 2010

Scents of Christmas Past
Memories of Italy

Sapore di Sale Natale
Dome-shaped Panettone
herald the beginning
of Christmas season,
carrying the scents of Christmas past,
evoking memories of tiny Roman alimentari
stacked to the ceiling
with Panettone boxes.
I wake up
in an Italian coffee bar in Vienna,
let go of the dream of a slice of panettone
and order a Caffè Latte instead,
to celebrate the season.
A tiny almond macaroon
sweetens the moment.


Coffee served at
La Salvia
"Cose buone dal Friuli all'Istria"
Yppenplatz corner of
16th District

Images and Text
© 2010 by Merisi


  1. Friends from Italy have sent us a panettone along with other holiday goodies for many years. I love all the foods associated with Christmas.

  2. I'd like to order two Panettas-
    One with raisins and one without.
    merci cg

  3. You always make me want some fancy drinks when I drop by your blog.

  4. so nice this blue blue candle!

  5. Now it's my turn to be nostalgic. I miss panettone. Living in Milan meant having access to freshly baked panettone from pastry shops. I miss the smell of panettone in the air. Sigh.

  6. The shops are full of panettone here. I can't wait to bite into my first piece.

  7. You could do a whole book (or maybe you have?) on coffee...I'm sure it would sell wonderfully well.

  8. Oh, you always make me thirst for coffee and... with these posts! Gorgeous.


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