Sunday 28 November 2010

Over the River and through the Woods
Winter arrives in Vienna
for Thanksgiving Dinner

A bright winter sun
lights up the table
laid for Thanksgiving dinner

It had snowed all night,
blanketing the whole city

A few golden leaves
still holding on,

the fence
lends itself as espalier
to a parade of perennials
in early winter finery

cranberry compote
takes center stage


Images and Text
© 2010 by Merisi


  1. Vicki,
    it is snowing, again!
    The overnight forecast for Vienna is for a foot of snow.
    It feels a lot like Christmas. ;-)

  2. You live with beauty, Merisi.

    And lovely food and crisp white linen and fine architecture and glamourous women, and colour that glows.

  3. Another foot of snow? Oh my!

    I just wanted to say how much I liked those lingering golden leaves amidst the initial 2010 snowfall. And the cranberries are gems in that compote.

    Stay warm and cosy indoors. xo

  4. I'm glad you are getting pictures of snow and we get to look at them. :)

  5. Your photos make me almost wish for snow here. They are stunning (love the espaliere). Thank you.

  6. Good morning!
    Thank you for your kind comments,
    I always read them with pleasure and a feeling
    of gratitude.

    It has indeed snowed all night,
    but temperatures are climbing and it looks as if all this white beauty is a precarious one, in danger of melting before noon comes around.

    A wonderful week to all of you,

  7. Thank you for sharing your fleeting snow as it will be a month or so before I will hope to see some in Maine. Thank you also for the kind thoughts :)

  8. What a wonderful holiday for you!
    Plus snow too!!
    Bet everything tasted superb!!

  9. PS Love the tiny reflection of cranberry on the spoon ladel!


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