Monday 29 November 2010

A Little Night Music

Leaving the Franciscan Church

Kleines Café
and Sign Shop

The Cloister of
the Franciscan Order

The Portal
of the Franciscan Church,
with Saint Hieronymus

Approaching from Singerstrasse

This beautiful small square was created
at the beginning of the 17th century
through demolition of a building
in order to alleviate parking problems:
Worshippers of the Franciscan Church had complained
about a scarcity of parking spaces for their carriages.
We now find ourselves standing at a square
that is surrounded by buildings
that date back quite a few more years
than the square itself!

Images and Text
© by Merisi

Clicking on the title
will take you to
my favorite music blog,
Gavin Plumley's
"Entartete Musik"


First published
29 November 2009


  1. I'm listening to some lovely Baroque music, and it's very LATE at night, so I think your post is most apt.

    Actually, it doesn't look like many carriages could fit into that small square!

  2. I discover Wien by your blog, a very beautiful city ! Thank you.
    Greetings and good night ! :D

  3. I love the doorway shot! So magical -- out of the dark into the light.

  4. I too love the doorway shot - an invitation to peek through.

  5. I think I'd get lost in that maze.

  6. These photos - as do so many of your photos - capture my favorite thing about (most of) Europe, which is a sense that magic is around every corner.

  7. I love this square, and that small kaffeehaus is one the real gems of Wien. Brrr it looks chilly; did you pop in for a warming melange?


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