Saturday 30 October 2010

Viennese Moments
Art Nouveau and Dinosaurs

Majolica House by
Viennese architect Otto Wagner
Built 1898-1889
6th District


How many dinosaurs
can you find?
Click on the image, but:
Careful, it is supersized, and
the dinosaurs enlarge too! :-)


Sunday Morning
Update on the Dinosaur Hunt

Pam from Queensland,

spotted a third dinosaur
just minutes ago!
The hunt is on,
are there more
hiding out
on the balcony?


30 october 2010
Copyright by Merisi


  1. Perhaps two dinosaurs????

  2. Enitram, that is all I see, only two, there must be more.
    Merisi, have you received your prize? It was mailed a week ago.

  3. I'll say one because the other one is Godzilla.

  4. Pumpkins and sunflowers and a jungle wherein lurk two creatures -- Godzilla and a shy stegosaurus. Love the picture!

  5. Enitram,
    I'd say you are right! :-)

    two is what I found too!
    We have had a holiday on Tuesday, tomorrow is another one. I would not be surprised if that delays mail a bit. I am so looking forward to your package!

    you may well be right,
    I am a little rusty in that department,
    ever since my kids are out of preschool
    (we have had our share of plastic monsters around the house!).

  6. ha! found them! and I didn't cheat :))! two of them, small toys or something. that was fun!

  7. Merisis I can see what appears to be a Tyrannsaurus and a Stegosaurus.

  8. Lara Neusiedler,
    brava, well done! :-)

    I shall never forget the trauma I suffered when my three year old started reciting a whole list of dinosaur species from the back of the car: I almost drove into a ditch when she asked me if knew how they looked! The only excuse for my ignorance was that I had never been to preschool. I drove straight to the library and took home all the dinosaur books I could get a hand on! ;-)

  9. Oh what fun! You are full of surprises, Merisi. Happy halloween to you - is this an event in Austria? Looks like ours is going to be a washout here in England where the rain is currently peeing down (though nothing unusual there!).

  10. Karen,
    from what I hear from the youngster in my household, Halloween is mostly celebrated by teenagers and younger adults, at private parties. I suspect that at most there is some American connection, and at public bars and the like it looks to me as if they simply want to squeeze some business out of a celebration that definitely is not an Austrian tradition.
    I miss Halloween on our quiet little lane back in my old home in the States. I always set up a dining table in our frontyard with silver and crystal glasses, candles lit and we sat out there, with neighbours and friends, watching the little goblins and witches walk up, trick and treating. It was a quiet little celebration, festive, yet not gaudy, and fun was had by young and old alike. I miss the spirit of community I felt there, we had the nicest neighbours imaginable.

    Happy Halloween to all of you,

  11. Mmmm... I can see the two blue ones, but can I also see a very small yellow something further along? Just on the left side of the central post, right at the bottom? Could be just a very vivid imagination though! :o)))
    Lovely building.

  12. Pam,
    you are right!!!!
    I enlarged the original photo and there it is,
    I had not seen it myself!
    Congratulations! :-)

    Now the hunt is on,
    are there any more???? ;-)

  13. Great fun! The two blue ones were easiest to spot. I love the tiles with the pumpkins (?) on them - very quirky!

  14. Linda P,
    I agree, one could imagine those reddish flowers being pumpkins in disguise! This Viennese Art Nouveau building is famous for its facade, covered with maiolica tiles, embellished with flowers and vines (hand-painted, tin-glazed, like Italian pottery).

  15. On the right bottom is a chrysanthemun bush, and just above that is a white rectangle standing upright. To the right bottom of this rectangle, I think I can see one lurking...half of its body hidden behind the white rectangle. Or am I imagining?:)

  16. Now, I see ptérodactyls is every yellow leave hu hu!§§

  17. Indicaspecies,
    oh my goodness,
    you may be right!!! ;-)

    I am close to climbing into my tea cup and hide! *hoohooo*

  18. My youngest son celebrates his 26th birthday on Tuesday so I am a bit rusty in the dinosaur category. A quarter of a century ago, I could name them all. What happens to that information when we don't use it frequently?


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