Saturday, 30 October 2010

Do You Know Where Your Barbie Doll
Hangs Out on Saturday Mornings?

Wonder No More!
I caught her
taking the rays,
at Vienna's largest brocante,
the Saturday morning
Naschmarkt flea market


Click on ->Brocante
for more treasures
from the flea market!


30 October 2010
Copyright by Merisi


  1. Looks like she had an interesting night!

  2. It was not Barbie I was looking for at the brocante today: I needed an old handsaw, with a rusty blade and a wooden handle, for a photo shoot. I found a perfect for that purpose, for two Euros! I feel extremely lucky, it was the only for sale today! ;-)

    A wonderful Saturday evening to all of you,

  3. D.B.,
    luckily, she ended up in an empty beer mug!

  4. I think she's mistaken this mug for her usual pink corvette. Cute pic!

  5. Very sharp eye you have to capture Barbie after a "rough" night out. Glad you found your rusty saw. I look forward to the photo of it if you are going to post it. Have a great weekend. Blessings, Jo

  6. Hilary,
    she looks like she should do no driving, doesn't she? ;-)

    I am not one who goes to a brocante to buy (exceptwhen in France!), but because I love the vignettes and juxtapositions the be found there. Some scenes are like Haikus in pictures, at least that's how I see them. ;-)

  7. Hasn't anybody told her you can't get a tan through glass?! LOL :)

  8. That Barbie! Such a tramp, bless her little plastic heart!

  9. Vicki Lane,
    my little girls were never touched by that Barbie cult,
    but we did have that one obligatory doll. Now that they have outgrown the doll stage, I am quite fond of them when I spot them at flea markets and the like. ;-)

  10. ... that Barbie, she's such an international girl ...

  11. Karen,
    barbie, a true cosmopolitan! :-)

  12. LOL
    LOVE it!

  13. She's so lovely. I want to take her home and add her to my collection.


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