Friday 15 October 2010

Like A Cloud That Floats On High
Breakfast With Egg In A Glass:
Vienna's "Meierei"

Some mornings
all I wish for

is breakfast served

in soothing surroundings

like a painter reaching

for white canvas

indulging in my own
landscapes of the mind


Breakfast with "Egg in A Glass"
at the Meierei
the downstairs dependance of
the "Steirereck" restaurant

located at the right bank of the Wienfluß -
Vienna River -
in the Stadtpark, Vienna's City Park

My images
are a poor reflection
of the actual beauty
of the place -
don't let them keep you
from enjoying
a visit there
during your stay in Vienna!

And yes,
they also serve, among a long list of other delicacies,
a perfect cup of Viennese Melange
and - if you are lucky enough to grab a table
at 1pm sharp - a slice of fresh apple strudel!


Text and Images
Copyright by Merisi


  1. Whatever you say, you did a good job there with "all the whites" !
    I can feel the sereneness of the place, splashed with milky light ...
    When there 1st time, you must feel as if having a coffee in paradise ... This is my first impression from your pictures ...

  2. Thank you, Marie-Noëlle!
    I had hoped for a sunny morning, and its reflections, but I was there too early, morning fog was still obscuring the sun and making for poor light (oh well, excuses! *smile*).
    Steirereck's location high above the river is certainly one of the most romantic in Vienna, and even more so with all the coloured leaves during autumn.

  3. Well done, I think it´s tough to shot when the room /space is sorrounded by white light....

  4. Oh, I spy a semmel! I miss Semmeln!

    Gorgeous photos!

  5. another beautiful prelude to my morning, thanks to your post.

  6. lovely post as usual! the milk bottle is so charming!!

  7. What a wonderful way to start the day! THANKS! XOXO

  8. Merisi, these recent posts have dazzled me. The lighting in each photo is so different from our current NYC light.

    I love the milk bottles, the golden leaves, the coffee...of course, those suede boots, the gingerbread house. Well, truly, all the Vienna that you show us continues to just draw me into its beauty.

    Many thanks! xo

  9. Breakfast like that could make any day special! :)

  10. I love the sentiment here. And definitely an elegant setting.

  11. Oh the Europeans know how to make you love food. It's truly an art and such a pleasure that you bring us along with you.

  12. Europe breakfast is so sophisticated compared to the US. It has an elegant, unhurried feel. It's just a perfect way to start a perfect day.

  13. Aside from the utter visual beauty, I adore the sense of calm, of peace, of a leisurely pace that come through in these images.

  14. There is a simple perfection to that egg glass...must find one of those.

  15. They sure know how to serve up a beautiful setting. And you sure know how to capture it.


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