Saturday 16 October 2010

Vienna After Dark
Naschmarkt: Where Closing Time
Is Opening Time

Closing Time
for market stalls

Outdoor Wine Bar
Ready for the long journey
into the night

Pre-Theater Dining
The "Theater an der Wien"
- theater and opera house -
is just across the street

Abandoned Table
Wine and water glasses,
remains of a Happy Hour

while walking through
Vienna's Naschmarkt
after the official closing time
of the market stalls

Images and text
copyright by Merisi


  1. I guess there must have been poor lighting conditions there, Merisi? Remarkable pictures under the circumstances.

  2. Thank you, Wandering Star!

    Pitch dark and camera confusing artificial light sources, yes! ;-)

  3. You really have a eye for what to photograph. I feel as if I was walking along with you.

  4. Thank you SO much for all your comments on your recent visit to my blog -- you truly made my day. I do know Billy Collins' work quite well, and was charmed to find we share this connection! It was also just such an honor to have you say such kind things about my photography, since I look to you for inspiration and feel that your work is so outstanding. Cheers from across the ocean; I am feeling better already....

  5. Great images! I love the shot of the men and women dining. Both women are "talking at" their men. At least ONE of the men is making eye contact. Classic!

  6. Evening falls on the city again.

  7. I love the colour themes going on here - from warm autumn tones to pristine white in the Meierei to the pink glow in the Naschmarkt. Beautiful. I wanted to visit Vienna this weekend, but it was so hard to find accommodation - I guess because of the Viennale? - so will have to put that on hold for a while. Going to Prague instead - will keep you posted on my blog!

  8. What a fun time to wander through. Wonderful photos.

  9. O I love image 2 :) So pink! I love pink.

  10. i just love that wine glass shot M


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