Saturday 11 September 2010

The saphire blue of that day's
East Coast September sky
forever etched
into our memory

eleven in the morning
four planes unaccounted for -
an eery silence in the blue blue sky -
Would we live
another day?

Emergency lockdown -
I had to fight
to get my children
out of school -
dreams of seeing them thrive
and live until old age
futile luxuries -
we held our breath and
dared hope for a few more
precious moments -
nothing more

September Eleven
11 September 2010


  1. Beautiful post, dear Merisi!! The photos and words are extraordinary. Your memories are especially personal and poignant...Today is such a sad anniversary...Thank you for this! Thinking of you!! Love, Janine XO

  2. Lovely thoughts and images Merisi..

  3. Beautiful post ... one hour after, I stood on Seventh Ave looking downtown and saw the big grey cloud ... may we never forget them.

  4. What a lovely blog - and poignant memory from that fateful day. I've especially enjoyed listening to Beethoven whilst visiting your warm place.

    God Bless -


  5. Merisi, it is still September 11 here in New York as I write. As the anniversaries come round, I continue to have a conversation with my memories.

    You have expressed yours well. My own are much more muddled.

    As I left the downtown shop tonight, it was a mild September evening and the sky was lit by blue laser light parallel lines, reached up to heaven or some sort of infinity.

    Last night this same downtown neighborhood was filled with Fashion's Night Out festivities, fuelled by alcohol and hopes of various designers to keep their industry lofty.

    I am tired now, and perhaps should not write more.


  6. This is a beautiful post! Thank you for remembering.

  7. Lovely tribute. Thank you.

  8. How poignant and beautiful your post is!

  9. Dieser Beitrag ist - wenn auch aus traurigem Anlass - wunderbare Kunst!
    Danke für die Erinnerung.


  10. Thank you all!
    For those of us who shared that horrific day
    under the same blue September sky, it will alway stay with us, that silent blue above us, suddenly not sheltering anymore, but threatening.

    Traude's comment refers to the daughter of a friend of ours. She is fighting for her life after a senseless accident caused by a drunken driver in Adams Morgan last week. She is in the hearts and minds of those who love her.


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