Tuesday 28 September 2010

A Streetcar Named Desire
Or: The Cup Stops Here

A Streetcar
named Desire

Coffee Lust
tamed in a cup
named Viennese Melange

A Drunken Monk
chock full o' nuts
and topped
with whipped cream

what else
would you dream
of in the middle
of a sunny afternoon?

Saturday afternoon
at the Streetcar Museum,
the Schöne Perle restaurant,
and Karmelitermarkt
3rd and 2nd District


  1. On ne peut pas rêver de mieux! Thanks!

  2. Amelia,
    I wholeheartedly agree!
    Going to get myself a cup right now,

  3. Please note:

    Thank you to the dear reader
    who wanted to know where to find that streetcar named "Desire" - it waits in the streetcar museum here, albeit sans nome, because it was me who "painted" that name on it (my first attempt at "writing" on a picture).

    My intention was not to imply I had found the "real Desire" - please pardon me for not pointing that out immediately. I simply did not foresee that my picture could be seen as anything else but a tongue in cheek reference to Tennessee Williams' play, my sincerest apologies for that,

    “I don’t want realism. I want magic!”
    Blanche DuBois
    Quoted from Tennessee Williams'
    "A Streetcar Named Desire"


  4. I love the captions you've assigned to each photograph - I can see you haven't lost your talent in my absence - what a perfectly lovely post, Merisi.

  5. A fun post and gosh that looks delicious...:)

  6. You reminded me about one of my favorite places in London: the London Transport Museum. Do you know it? Hence, I like the idea of a streetcar museum. Another bit of trivia is that in San Francisco, on Market Street, one can see streetcars of the past from other cities and also from Milan. It's one of the things of the city I like best. When I see one of the characteristic orange cars - the old style - that crisscross Milan, I can imagine I can jump on one and go to Corso Magenta or any of the other downtown places I love. Then I realize that I am in SF, which is a beautiful city and I keep smiling. I'll have just the Viennese Melange, please.

  7. chock full O' Hazelnuts?
    A new-old Chock full of...opened in New York.
    They used to be like Dunkin' Donuts-everywhere
    I will go to the London Transit museum Simone

  8. Hello,
    I loved these pictures, really!!!
    If I lived in Vienna I would taste the "viennese melange", it looks like fantastic!!!

  9. How adorable! So glad that you stopped by and to have discovered your pretty, happy blog!

  10. Oh my goodness that might be your most lust-worthy cup of coffee yet. I like mine very strong, and that looks very strong!

  11. Merisi, you are a joy!

    Paris Breakfasts got here before me to remark on the Chock full o' Nuts. I really did laugh at your being the the heavenly coffee city and still offering up a tribute to a NYC spot from times past. The strange lighting, the coffee, those date nut bread and cream cheese sandwiches. Memory lane.

    This has set me to wondering what future generations might remember about the generic spots that fill our New York street nowadays.


  12. A delightful post Merisi! I actually bought copy of the play and read it before seeing a ballet depicting it.
    I wish I could add text to my own pictures, I would find it really useful!

  13. We're suppose to have a glorious, warm, sunny day today in St. Paul, MN., and knowing what's ahead, I think I need to relax outdoors with cappuccino and enjoy they day!

  14. Thank you all for your wonderful comments,
    the really brightened my day!

    I read that they opened a new location in the Flatiron district!

    my kids love New York style cafes, not least for their sandwiches! I do too. ;-)

    Do you still here the Chock full o'Nuts jingle on the radio or TV Chock full o'Nuts is that heavenly coffee, better coffee than a millionare's money can't buy ... (click on the lyrics to get to their website - truly a delight to scroll through and gives those of you who are not familiar with that quintessential New York brand a good introduction to its history)?

  15. Yes, and I just finished my high protein Kashfi cereal with bran and twigs, with flax seeds - of course, with my 66th birthday on Sunday, dear Merisi, my body does NOT look like yours!

  16. Yes, and I just finished my high protein Kashfi cereal with bran and twigs, with flax seeds - of course, with my 66th birthday on Sunday, dear Merisi, my body does NOT look like yours!

  17. Merisi, we don't hear that tune on the radio any more, but ... I can play it inside my head any hour of any day!

    (Starbucks tune ... no, I cannot hear it.)


  18. Love the colors in that first beautiful shot! Love the whole post, as a matter of fact!

  19. Life at it's best!!! Hach, das wäre jetzt was .... träum....

  20. Looks wonderful! I just came across your blog and I am enjoying it very much.

  21. Oh, the drunken monk looks so delicious....wish I could grab it right out of your blog for a little taste!


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