Monday 27 September 2010

Viennese Escapes:
Towards the Rendezvous
with the Harvest Moon

Laden With Fruit
Apples picked and placed
by an unknown hand, just so,
on the wooden bench
of a red painted coach

The unruly branches
of an espaliered pear tree
threaten to ignore the window bars
and reach for the inside of the house,
offering its fruit as a bribe

The sun,
aware of the season's precipiting fall,
washes the courtyard walls
with one last glorious swipe

and then moves on
to harness the horses
for the ride heavenwards,
to her rendezvous
with the harvest moon

Homestead Museum

Lower Austria
35 miles northeast
of Vienna


Images and Text
© 2010 by Merisi


  1. Beautiful images, as ever. We're just beginning to feel that chill in the air, too.

  2. This morning, I jogged around, from the Rose Garden, stopping here and there, at a Baroque church, at an open air Museum, at the Botanical Garden, or at Kohlmarket... I tried to have a coffee at Drechsler's, but it was packed; tried to get a slice of choc cake from your kitchen, but all your readers had stopped by and the cake was gone; tried to run along Josefstädler Strasse, but I missed n°17; even tried to get a glass of water at Diglas', but I was told only IPhones were allowed in their Schanigarten... I finally ended up at Homestead Museum, and when I saw all the crops of apples there, I picked an apple from my own basket, had a bite and thought my Goldparmäne were ready for an appelstrüdel !

  3. Thank you all for your kind comments!

  4. 1 has the coolest composition :)

  5. One day I may say this again, yet all I can think of to say today is, if ever you publish your blog in book form, I shall be one of the first to make my purchase;)

  6. Intersting kind of frame for those apples.

  7. Positively loverly!
    such lumiere...
    is it Austria?
    or you cherie?
    silly question
    The hand that holds the camera creates the magic

  8. Charming words and pictures! The word rendezvous holds so much romance and mystery -- throw in a moon, and a harvest moon at that, and you're on the road to magic.

  9. A beautiful autumnal post, Merisi.

  10. Lovely--photos and words both. Thank you.

  11. My mother is at this very moment in the kitchen making a pie from our pear tree. My husband already made spiced apple from our apple tree, and peach from the neighbor's tree. Our cup runneth over with harvest this year (can you tell I'm the one who doesn't cook?)

  12. The pictures are just spectacular and make me wish I had the funds, still, to catch the first flight for Austria, before the snows begin and all that fall glory is no more for another year.

  13. I love the colours in the first and last shots in particular. You always manage to find that themed tread of colour. Nicely done.

  14. I love the colours in the first and last shots in particular. You always manage to find that themed tread of colour. Nicely done.


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