Wednesday 29 September 2010

Fun at the Fair
Prater Amusement Park

Sometimes, girls just wanna have fun!
Photographed at Vienna's Prater Amusement Park
Images © by Merisi


  1. Love it, so fresh, and sometimes we really need something just for fun!!

  2. The South Carolina State Fair is in full swing this week! Come on and go with us!!!
    love the photos but always do, you know!

  3. I heard that in a song somewhere!

  4. WHOA!
    Those look like fashion shots!
    how did you get...
    Who is the model in the middle?
    Looks a bit puffy..
    Fun pics!

  5. Dearest Merisi,

    Your photos always make me smile...but these make me want to laugh out loud and join in the fun!! What fabulous captures!! You've caught the personalities and emotions on camera!! Spectacular!!! Love it!!! ~Janine XO

  6. Merisi, these are GREAT! How can you not smile when you see them? I love your style and creative eye!

  7. Merisi I love your blog :-) I love your photos every day to cheer him and the Prater :-) :-) Please send me your awesome pictures of such beautiful images of Praterból the summer I had occasion to spend half a day there was a divine feeling
    More pleasant evening!
    Ildi kiss :-)

  8. Girls always want to have fun :)

  9. Thank you for your wonderful comments,
    I appreciate your taking the time and sharing your thoughts immensely! You really brighten my days, truly do, merci! :-)

  10. Merisi: I have a question for you. I'm thinking about trying my hand at a photography blog. What site do you use to upload and host your photos?

  11. These are such happy-go-lucky fun photographs. Just what one needs mid-week to keep plodding along till Friday.

  12. Juju,
    I use Picasa.
    When I opened the blog (better, when my daughter helped me open the blog), that was the site that came with it. Storage is basically free. However, I pay 20 Dollars a year because at the beginning I used huge picture sizes and used up the free storage space after three years or so. In the meantime, Google-Picasa has become much more generous with storage space, you should be able to publish and store free for years now.

    For a time I used another service, but that did not work out well because they give you free storage only until you reach a certain amount of traffic. In my case, that was after a month or so. Since I was not willing to pay them, one morning I had instead of my pictures their logo all over my blog and had to take down about 2 months of blog posts.

    Good luck and let us know when you are online with your new blog,

  13. RNSANE,
    that was a happy day I took those pictures, on the last day of the summer semester. "Experimental Photography" field trip, that was fun. ;)

  14. The red framework is a perfect setting for the lovely ladies!

  15. The red framework is a perfect setting for the lovely ladies!


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