Thursday 30 September 2010

Where in the World?
Coffee and French Macarons, anyone?

Viennese Melange
with French macarons
Loved the caramel one!

Wedesday afternoon
at an outdoor table
of a wellknown coffee place
in Vienna - and yes,
there was a little tray too,
but I liked the wet surface
of the table better.

The weather was
playing April in October,
but I needed a little fresh air
and didn't mind the scattered rain drops
falling into my coffee.

where in Vienna
do you think
I took this picture?


McDonald's Coffee Lounge

14th District


  1. I took this photo with my little Lumix DMC TZ5.

    A wonderful day to all of you,

  2. Sunday we tasted a Chocolat Viennois in Paris. We had the taste, but not Vienna. Neither the glass of water, always present in Wien...
    Glad to see that Mihaela's camera is from a good family, the Lumix ;)

  3. Eigentlich bin ich mir ziemlich sicher das die Makronen von der Kurkonditorei Oberlaa kamen und das Häferl der Melange verrät das Dommayer . . .

    Kann ich mir Hoffnung auf den Siegerpreis machen?

    Liebe Gruesse und Danke fuer diesen immer wieder wunderbaren blog . . .

  4. Demel's is always my guess ;) It apears you have been having a dose of spring showers. Do you think you could arrange for it to be gone by the end of next week when we escape to Innsbruck and then south to Merano?

  5. I love this shot! WONDERFUL!!

  6. Oh Sweetie! While I was reading this I was sipping my own French Roast and waiting on the grits to get done enough to put the cheddar cheese in, while the biscuits baked to a lovely golden brown and the bacon sizzled softly in the pan and all I could think of was a Macaroon!!! Come for breakfast, bring the Macaroons!~

  7. I only wish I knew Vienna at all -- so many heavenly places to have coffee!

  8. Hi Merisi! I just discovered your blog, and I love it. The photos are beautiful. I look forward to reading more!

  9. Never had a macarone. Am I missing much?

  10. Ein wenig Sushi auf Österreichisch!! Es tröstet ein wenig, dass das Wetter im Süden auch nicht besser ist, obwohl ich Dir die allerschönsten Sonnentage von Herzen wünsche!

    lieber Gruß

    None of the guesses have even come close!
    The macarons where shipped in from France (quelque chose!) and the cafe' is also known outside Vienna.
    All said, really easy. *giggles*

  12. When you get off the train or the plane in Vienna do they hand you a glass of vasser with a spoon on top?
    Like New York's water towers or apple this seems to be iconic..

  13. Paris Breakfasts,
    even the bread shops at the airport serve your Melange on a little oval tray and a glass of water.

    Any more guesses of where I had those macarons?
    You all know the place, I am sure.

  14. Not in France, I am sure!!!
    But I do't know!
    I wait the answer

  15. Answer:

    I took the picture at McDonalds' McCafé
    at Hadekgasse, in Vienna's 14th District.
    The macarons are shipped in from France.
    Yes, the coffee tasted great and I thoroughly enjoyed being able to sit outdoors and steal a few minutes of sunshine near the new bicycle path leading into town along the Wien river.

    McCafé has becomes my favorite place to stop for coffee when I am traveling along Austria's interstate routes (Autobahn). I simply know of no other rest stop coffee shop that offers the reliable quality and great taste McCafé does.

    To great coffee,

  16. Ah-HA! I might have guessed that other well-known coffee entity that I used to work for whose predominant color is GREEN! I cleaned lots of rusty table tops just like that at the Starbucks where I worked on Connecticut Ave. I noticed at their Georgetown store last year that they were also selling macarons made in France, which I just could not bring myself to try. I don't know, just something in my mind about too many worlds colliding at once!


  17. Since I've been pregnant, I can not drink coffee so I would love viennese chocolate and macarons


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