Thursday 22 July 2010

Morning in the City

Some mornings
leave you feeling like Atlas
carrying the weight
of the world,
when that simple
"splash of water on the face"
turns out to be a torrent instead
and you feel as if you'll never again be
"buzzing around the house on espresso"

when your Muse
has a hard time inspiring you

leaving you
with nothing but an amphora
of plain water
to wash away

the bitterness
you felt
while sipping your espresso
this morning

on the morning
of May 11, 2010
at the fountain in front
of the Austrian Parliament
and at Demel's

Images and text
© by Merisi

The quotes
are from
Billy Collins'
poem "Morning"


  1. This is a re-post from May 2010,
    but the last three images are new:

    The window with the Roman linen shade and the soothing liquid morning sky blue was photographed at Demel's.

    The coffee cup is sans Gordon Brown
    because the words - ironic twist of fate - now reflect my own feelings.


  2. The statues are stunning...

  3. Nagyon szépek a szobrok :-) Egy csesé káve nem lenne most rossz :-P :-)

  4. Merisi, this week has found my days captured by the workplace, and my spirit weakened by the continuing fierce heat of this city.

    And so I have given myself the treat of visiting with you, seeing this post and the two just previous posts. As always, beauty, as always, each post has set me thinking, each post taking me in a different direction.

    Thank you for taking me away for a bit from certain local concerns. I do not find this summertime an easy season.


  5. always makes me happy to visit with you....


  6. Beautiful post Merisi. And thank you so much for your nice comments :)
    I have been visiting your blog for quite a while and it is such a wonderful source of inspiration to discover Vienna :)

  7. Interesting Merisi, especially now I just wrote a post (Monday) about little mermaid to see this statue! -it looks like a mix of Atlas and Little Mermaid! I love the white marble of these statues, and wish I had the physical strength to sculpt these!

  8. Love the expressions on the two statues! Quite as if in the midst of a lovers' bantering conversation.

  9. The statues are so cool..I like it!
    custom wood furniture

  10. Such an illustrator you are-- send the blog to the poet!

  11. Love these white statues. No matter if it is an old post


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